Integral alchemy

The doctrine of integral alchemy is based on the task of integrating consciousness and helping the mind to achieve knowledge, attain an ability to operate with the mystical state of existence, and get integrated in the zone of higher order powers. This is the zone related to the notion of operating and developing the spiritual, which excludes the state of dependence on the consciousness.

Integral alchemy also explains the emotional, temporary nature of the mind to prevent one from falling hostage to a falsely formed way. Thusly, the nature of excitation, which helps define the emotions, is conserved in order to secure the ability to absorb energy because the mental experiencing of actions and actions themselves impart upon the mind the nature of physical action, which must not be extracted from the mental process in order to prevent a state of uncontrollable religious ecstasy that disrupts the nature of growth and, above all, of absorption.

In order to teach the mind how to transform, we must first study the mind. Integral alchemy excludes the notion of an Invisible power because each of the nine integrals that lie in the foundation of alchemy are tactile. Everything here depends on the capability and ability to submerge which relies on the ability to understand the illumination of the world as well as light nourishment. What is important here is the physics of balancing the mind, which however requires a transformation of external reality. Yet external reality is conditional unless it is construed through its notional equivalent. This is why the doctrine must be developed in all possible fields, including the biological. Faith must have a physiological foundation.

The philosophy of this doctrine is in the art of operating with human consciousness, its transformation in relation to the energetic characteristics of space, based on rhythm and vibration, which must include the psychological and spiritual states ensuing from the understanding of the experience of everything that nourishes us, including the food that can be most fully absorbed (e.g. breathing).

Integral alchemy teaches us not only to penetrate within the Being but also to induce and transform it. Without this knowledge everything is bound to be reduced to the subjectivity of sensitive experience. Overcoming the actions of the material world is useless. Partial success on this way will lead nowhere. We must be integrated in it and develop it and not submit ourselves to the laws of negativity.