Integral alchemy

XII. Integral nutrition

Integral nutrition is a form of nutrition aimed at maintaining higher processes in the human body, where the main indicator is a certain type of tension. This tension is introduced or formed in the body by food that can be decomposed by frequency indicators.

Integral nutrition is a field of integral medicine, since in its laws lies the principle of energy conservation and it immediately sets the person to protect themselves from destruction, from decomposition. Integral nutrition is a high-frequency nutrition.

High-frequency nutrition

High-frequency nutrition is the nourishment with food, endowed with vibrations which we designate as high-frequency. This food creates certain tension due to the energy, mineral or crystalline sources with which it is enriched. Such food are the products grown in a zone with special energy conditions (for example, high mountains), with an excess of mineral rock or food obtained by distillation, which is able to concentrate the active substances of a plant or mineral, transferring them into an independent product.

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