Integral alchemy

X. Integral body

Integral body is a type of a body that has a special internal connection determined by linking the molecular structure thanks to a special type of tension.

Integral body is a temple body, its design is measured not so much by the vibrational indices of various parts of the body, but by connections - according to the principle of how one crystal ripens from another in the nature.

Integral body is an epitaxial body, linked and, most importantly, correctly oriented. Such body can be obtained if one understands all or at last most types of tension that are formed in space. At first glance, we can say that this kind of body is incomprehensible, since its quality is difficult to understand by the external eye, but we can say the same about the crystal. The overwhelming majority of people are also unable to perceive crystals, as they do not see their geometry. However, this does not prevent many from feeling the power of the crystal and perceive it as a living organism.

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