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The Secret Code of Mary Magdalene

The ritual is a special action determining the nature and the characteristics of human behavior. It is a kind of geas that defines in a unique way man’s behavior and requirements in relation to space and the symbol. The ritual is, in fact, a complex symbol made up of many components and aimed at fulfilling a number of tasks.

The ritual is usually multilayered and divided into different levels, each of which corresponds to a certain condition. Ritual is, first and foremost, the ability to attune to a specified key, and whatever the level of the ritual and the level of preparedness of the person , it is an initiation process.

The approaches and attitudes to ritual in different cultures, systems and orders have the same meaning: to attune the person to a certain task. However, the mentality of people varies, hence all the obscurity and contradictions. By lifting the veil from the concept of ‘ritual’, we are talking about a great action, the creation of which is incorporated in the knowledge of this sacred action.