Accept yourself for who you are

Understanding that we are who we are defines the development of the form we express.

If we view life as a process, then our primary qualities are unimportant. They can be neither good nor bad. If we follow the course of the process called ‘life’, then we should be satisfied with what we have, and should start developing these initial qualities. And by the way, the more imperfect we are and the more inadequacies we possess, the more opportunities we have for development.

For if nature has given as everything, all we can do is be satisfied. Yet satisfaction is not equal to living, but is rather equal to existence. In this state of simple existence the power of our mind cannot overcome the power of our energy or our body. Therefore, no matter how good we are, we are being dumb with respect to our initial set of qualities. Yes, we might prove smarter and better compared to the people around us, yet we are being dumb with respect to ourselves.

On the other hand, when we are imperfect and inadequate, and when we understand and above all accept this, we become smarter with respect to our initial set of qualities and therefore can initiate the process of developing ourselves. What is most important here is that we do not follow those who are being dumb to themselves, even if these individuals seem quite ‘smarter’ than the ones who are initially weaker in their energetic or physical power.

Accepting ourselves for who we are is the beginning of the development process. The lack of acceptance is – regardless of our initial qualities - the start of the process of self-destruction.


31 july 2010

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