The Herd

The worst thing about herds is that these masses are focused in the stress areas of the Globe and they generate magnetic changes. Which means that every uneducated person (and by educatedness here I mean not intellect but a type of quality related to one’s physical, energetic and mental responsibility) is a reflector, a conductor of various annoying signals that help him excite not only the masses but also the environment.

The areas of these biomasses generate most stress factors, develop various viruses and are the site of many natural disasters because people help, both energetically and physically, generate these phenomena as well as increase their impact (i.e. through arson, pollution, deforestation. etc.).

The herd behavior helps the governing machinery carry out a number of ideas and gain control over spaces whose population has not yet been transformed into herds. And as a result we get a new type of herd made up of intellectual members who have their own beliefs and even try to think.

19 august 2010

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