The First Templar

When death came to the Earth, people created the first necropolis. And the first school teaching people not to die – the Sokara school. This school had 12 branches around the world, and the Celtic branch was named Oengus.

This knowledge was connected with two very ancient temples: Sokara in Egypt and New Grange in Ireland. The most amazing fact is that they probably had the same architect – Imhotep. This name is also connected with the idea of the first Templar or the first mason. Imhotep conceived a unique majestic project and the first temporary link was determined: New Grange – Sokara. This was his attempt to change the electro-magnetic field of our planet or rather to create a grid so that the Earth may acquire the ability to reach a state of independence from death.

The curious fact is that the connecting link passes through the gates of Avalon and Silbury Hill – a place that was probably also associated with such a construction. Then the attempt to study the role of Stonehenge as an energy substation, designed to maintain the settings and probably to nourish the astral city, is linked to Avalon. The control over this whole system was placed in the hands of the Celts. Yet not the Celts as an ethnic group but rather as a particular property that was later recreated in the ideas of the Toltecs and the Incas.

Unquestionably, we must here understand who and what was the Celt. And wasn’t the Templar in his properties the same as the Celt? Eventually, if the Grail is interpreted as a key, as certain frequency characteristics, then the probability that in 1308 it appeared on the territory of America is rather high. The attempt to create the perfect people in Languedoc was relinquished and all efforts were directed to South America where the Templars were already visited by the Celts. Although at this point the territory had probably already been subdivided into Mesoamerican (Tikal), North American (Chaco Canyon) and South American (Kuelap).

However, we find miniatures versions of these places even on the British Isles: the Isle of Man, Galaniche and the Staffa cave.


18 march 2014

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