The Key to the Sanctuary

The key to the sanctuary is related to the issue of secrets: the secrets of building, where what is evident for some, is not evident for others. Just like Troy that was for some the physical embodiment of a particular place, but for others - just the idea of light refraction. Each sacred city, temple or place has its angle of refraction, which unites the ideas of death and rebirth, or even the idea of ​​transformation. The angle becomes a symbol, the symbol - knowledge, and knowledge becomes doctrine.

The ritual is the key to the sanctuary. The basic aspect of the temple is the sanctuary, as it is something complete. The temple itself is not complete, it is characterized by the process of interaction with the angle. Each temple is alive, it lives its own geometry, and the form is overlaid upon it. The life of the temple is determined by the degree of the angle, which is similar to age.

It should contain the raw material for the Grail: the crystalline essence that upholds the space of the church. This is, in a way, the secret of the tradition associated with the construction, it underscores the importance of the communication of the temple being built with the surrounding space or, so to speak, with the sandals of St. Columban, which he left in front of the temple. Indeed, the inside of the temple is a place for achieving sacrament and merging. If not epiclesis, then something similar associated with a particular voltage that can be received or conveyed by the space of the temple.

The temple is the custodian of the place where energy is not destroyed, where there is no death. All we have to do now is study the tool for interaction with the temple, i.e. ritual. However, we must also know how to enter the temple and also how to leave our sandals outside before entering. The temple is the space of transformation. This is a certain mystical activity that holds, at least, the mystery of initiation. The temple is a scheme, therefore it has no alternative, from here on all that matters is the quality of the temple geometry.

The secret of every system has its own formula, and the schemes that we work with – whether they are more complicated or less complicated – determine our immersion into space. In general, this is related to the scheme of our mind: whether it is ready to study the secret or whether its sandals will remain in the mystical and esoteric definition.

The temple must first lift the veil from our mind. This is why if you are in the temple and you do not understand its symbolism, then you are not ready for the ritual or for the knowledge - not only of the existing world but also of the unmanifested one.

20 june 2016

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