The Astral City or the Crystal Temple

The peak of man’s development on earth is the construction of the Astral city. The Astral city is a place connected with certain points on the planet where the energy of the Sun and the Moon is reflected in a special way, creating a certain crystal model of existence capable of nourishing and maintaining this astral city.

The particular location is important for the astral city at the time of its construction and also as an additional energy source. Such cities were built in the past by the Hohokam Indians, the Zuni, the Mayans, the Incas… The attempts to build crystal temples continued even in more recent history. It is certainly more difficult to find a suitable location with, for example, a special ionization of space. The best example in this respect would be the Argentinean city of Bariloche, which is a special energy zone.

The idea of the Astral city or the crystal temple is connected above all to the place. This helps us underline a very important point: we are the ones who need to search for the temple, and not vice versa. In other words, the idea needs to be connected to a real location and not to the location of residence.

The basic task of the crystal temple today is, of course, not the building of astral cities because this would require huge blocks, as in Tikal, Monte Alban, or Machu Picchu, but rather the changing of the energy laws of time that deprive us of a our understanding of the energy processes.

The crystal temple is not simply a place but a certain system of settings that can help all the people who connect to it. A very famous temple of this sort was the Amber Room in the Tsarskoye Selo complex. At the time of development of the German project Ahnenerbe people build miniature temples that served as super-energy sources.

The Crystal temple must contain at least 7 energy fields. The maximum number here is 13 tonalities, which are determined by the three-dimensional plan of existence of our space.

The knowledge of the crystal temple leads us to Jerusalem – the location where the energy model of super-space was created. This model was supposed to preserve the crystal that could be taken out of the temple when needed. This crystal was later called the Grail. The problem is that the Grail works only in a crystal space since it lives according to the laws of atemporality. It was, for example, preserved in a special niche in Montségur or in Ren-le-Chateau.

In many cultures the Grail replaced gold. The difference being that if gold was to be used to generate the necessary energy, a great amount was needed, whereas the Grail could fit in a small bag. Moreover, the idea of the gold and Eldorado that drew so many white adventurers, was nothing more than simply a generator. The conquistadors however did not find any such generator since it was protected. A lot of stories tell of people who saw huge amounts of gold which suddenly disappeared.

In this respect it would be interesting to discuss the activates of the Knights Templar who searched for the Grail and collected gold, all for one single purpose. Mind that the gold of the Templars will never be found because it was used for the creation of a generator.

Especially interesting here would be not so much the crystal temple itself but rather the ability to engage with it. I’ve been looking for astral cities and I’ve been studying the Grail for years. Today, they are to me a reality whose vibrations I can read just as you can see various colors and shades.

Of course, it was amazing to find the builder of the crystal temples in the very place where this temple had to be located: in Bariloche. A perfectly unreal yet logical connection: the place of the temple and the builder of the temple.

17 february 2014

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