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Are there safety instructions for the developing people? One friend of mine, an exalted spiritual person, in the truest sense, destined all of his relatives to hell, since his practice for changing the space became catastrophic for the people around. This happy chap optimistically wished them the whole Kingdom of Heaven, and says that at that time he was not aware of the possible consequences. Now, ten years later, he knows, but it doesn't make it easier for the dead...?

Any response must rest on the question. The question must follow from the task. The task must highlight the measure. You know, that is like the situation: you show me and I'll believe you. It is possible to believe, only if you are able to believe, and not just put a sign "I believe". In today's world, the example of one person to another does not work anymore. Yes, in fact, the strong personalities markedly diminished.

The result of this is that we're trying to understand something, without actually being able to understand it. And, of course, we cannot determine our own actions or someone else's. In the university, I passed a practice in a big car manufacturing plant. Interestingly, the cars that were produced there, are still in motion, because everything that happened there was by the law of chance. We were read the safety instructions, and in the end, we were given examples of how many workers are maimed at their workplaces. But then the question was not only about the fact that someone listened to the safety instructions, but who didn't listen. The deal is, that the instructions were simply not supposed to be observed, as a rule, since the machines were such that it was impossible to follow any safety instructions!

Who is the one, who gives an estimate to the other? Has this person reached inside himself deep enough? If a person works on himself every day, then he has the right to do the wrong things. It's the same with the woman, who was put in an abnormal scheme of existence, where even her monthly cycle cannot proceed normally. But when we don't do anything with ourselves, then what do we define? In fact, nothing, we just react... It's the same situation with any practitioner, who just substitutes one reaction to the other, which is very often unwonted to the surrounding people.

The society, developing reactions and compelling its citizens to mutate, sooner or later is doomed to cease being a society. The practitioner is doomed to harm himself and others, until he becomes a real practitioner, because by changing one reaction to another, we actually do not change the coordinate system. It's not clear where we are going in that case. After all, we are not isolated from the environment and we are tied to actions and relations, which we have made for years. Reaching out to yourself is extremely difficult and also requires skills. However, it is very easy, to replace one spoof of your own truth with another, without it.

Imagine that we have entered into a beautiful home that is built for us by some famous company. We have given a lot of money for the house, and they built it in the wrong place and the materials in the concrete turned out to be radioactive. Our life has become a disease and a cemetery. We've been dying happily ever since, because the enemy was invisible. Who will better from this? The lightness and the heaviness in our society at the level of the choice between a kilogram of iron or a kilogram of cotton. The only difference is in the tactile sensations.


27 february 2013

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