The Matrix of Arabic Dance

The matrix of Arabic rhythm determines the Maksum rhythm (4/4), which forms the dimensional figure – the cube, where the dance takes place.

  • Goddess worship
    Maksum Square: Isis, Ishtar, Parvati, Aphrodite
    Body: Uterus
  • Generation
    Maksum Square: Fertility, Childbearing, Hearth, Cult
    Body: Hips
  • Space
    Maksum Square: Temple, Sanctuary, Place of Worship, Altar
    Body: Abdomen
  • Appeal
    Maksum Square: Dialogue, Appeal, Petition, Prayer
    Body: Shoulders
  • Fluidity
    Maksum Square: Plasticity, Ductility, Immersion, Transformation
    Body: Feet
  • Emotion
    Maksum Square: Affect, Mood, Experience, Sensation
    Body: Face
  • Direction
    Maksum Square: East, South, West, North
    Body: Spine
  • Excitation
    Maksum Square: Pharaonic style (a ritual dance), Tribal style (a militant dance), Ghawazee style, Baladi style (a daily dance), Shamadan style (an entertaining dance)
    Body: Chest


16 may 2012

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