Cao Guo Jiu

Cao Guo Jiu was a member of the Cao dynasty. His name can be translated as "Uncle of Emperor Cao" or "Imperial Uncle Cao". Cao Guo Jiu (曹國舅) is one of the eight Taoist immortals.

He represents the matrix of Dui trigram and is a representative of the new generation of immortals, and one might say, even of the new technologies in the comprehension of this art. Being a representative of the ruling family, he left his service to seek immortality, however, as a symbol of power he used a golden plate, which he converted later into Jade clappers.

According to another version, while crossing a river, he offered the clappers as a payment to the boatman, but the man sitting with him in the boat advised him to throw them into the river. And that was exactly what Cao Guo Jiu did. The man in the boat turned out to be the immortal Lu Dong Bin. In fact, this meeting with Lu Dong Bin determined the future path of Cao Guo Jiu. However, during his wandering with Lu Dong Bin, Cao was too lazy to do regular and hours-long practices and kept asking him to reveal the secrets of how to achieve immortality as quickly as possible. In the end, the harsh conditions and travels weakened him so much that he started resembling more an emaciated spirit, and Lu Dong Bin had no choice but to send him to Xi Wang Mu, so she could teach him to cultivate vitality, since the question was not any more about achieving immortality, but about survival.

And so Cao Guo Jiu set off on a journey to Xi Wang Mu, Queen Mother of the West. Many wonderful stories are associated with this journey, telling about the various spiritual experiences of Cao Guo Jiu. In the end, he developed a deep feeling towards the Queen Mother of the West, and with the help of special practices regained his strength. But with it returned the laziness and the royal habits. In general, he was so carried away by the joy of life that did nothing but walking and singing.

However, he didn't quit the practice learnt from Xi Wang Mu, as he didn't want to go back to the previous miserable condition. After many years, the practice not only strengthened him, but also helped him to achieve the state of immortality, a state he no longer desired, as he had already found joy in everything around. So this is how, despite the considerable delay, Cao Guo Jiu still managed to join the pantheon of the immortals.



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