Elena Vrublevskaya

Elena Vrublevskaya represents a unique style of interacting with space that is no longer found in modern day artefacts, although it has an integral meaning. This style stems not only from the imperatives of creating attunements with space, but even more so from the imperatives of its materialization.

Like a priestess devoted to her pharaoh, she cultivates her attunements and reproduces them on her canvases. She embodies and expresses the mission of priesthood and prophecy. Sometimes she uses a mature stance, quite apart from the voice of an excited child who runs around in the temple’s treasury; other times she can become that very child to cultivate the petals of naivety of our shared space. Elena is well received in any temple she chooses to enter because she is attentive, diligent and always keen to enhance herself and her gift. She is protected, and this makes her free. She senses the connections wherever she goes – they manifest in strong feelings that often fill her to overflowing. She cultivates beauty through initiations and rituals. She demonstrates to us that a woman’s life is about expressiveness.

Elena respects traditions and the temple’s hierarchy, yet her perceptions of them are free from limitations. This is because she abides by attunements, which is something many people fail to understand or even accept. But in order to understand it, one has to be steeped in it. What’s more, Elena doesn’t exploit her power and resources and doesn’t try to pursue the temporal ambitions because what really matters to her is the process of creation in its highest form. She values the deepest kind of reunion and endeavors to be a holistic being. She is well received in the temple, but she doesn’t strive to live there so as not to become overwhelmed by its form. She is a spiritual guide who manifests her power to do good.

She is free, and some might not like her for that. Thus she is doomed to be the subject of envy, but also of admiration. Those who do not live by the laws of true freedom (determined by inner power) can never fathom her. She travels from one point in time to another, breaking free of this dependency every step of the way. At times, she had to be a warrior to defend her inner freedom – she had, in fact, to follow the path of a knight, the path of a ritual. She stares right ahead and doesn’t lower her eyes when confronted with limitations that impede the free expression of life force.

Elena’s life is an ongoing ritual that she uses to call upon now the Powers of the Earth, now the Powers of the Sky. She appears to be living in a spacious tent that travels with her or follows her around. She is integrated into her essence and her actions, which is exactly what allows her to pioneer the style that restores ancient knowledge about age-old ways of interacting and engaging with space. Elena always takes good care of herself thus creating the magic of a feminine vibe with regard to her person. She might as well be flowing from one space to another, unrestrained by her incarnations. She lives on a diet of crystals and the energy of her creations. She manifests the highest principles of existence that all people should aspire to.

Elena receives the information she seeks and gains access to the sources of power – today she can be attuned to the ancient Egyptian knowledge, and tomorrow she can be as poetic as a Celtic bard. At times, it looks as if she is acting something out, but in fact, she just dwells in a state that people call ‘the muse’. She knows how to relish the idea and coordinates her own growth with the teaching.

Elena is a true ambassador of the feminine principle. She embodies and expresses the laws of servitude that guide her to obey and to refrain from breaking the laws of space, even when they manifest in a hideous form. Yet because she is perhaps already one of those who come to this or that world of their own volition, her behavior in this respect is not predestined. She remains calm and self-absorbed, and as such she truly opposes all things pernicious, destructive, and stagnant. She is pioneering an integral style of painting and thus helps build a new future for all of us.



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