Falco (Oberto Airaudi)

There are people whose work one can ponder or express an opinion about these individuals. But there are also rare few whose lives can only be known through contemplation. Such people (although I would much rather find a special way of referring to beings like Falco) can only be contemplated by us. They come into this world in spite of ignorance and limitations. First and foremost, the limitations of consciousness.

You might find this surprising – what limitations am I talking about in our world of high-tech? Yet what I mean is not the technologies as such, but the way they limit our consciousness. See for yourself… When you got a car to drive around, you limited your movements. Do you think you have upgraded to a higher level of comfort? Perhaps for your butt, excuse my language, it is so, but not for your energy that has stopped circulating properly. You have started using the computer – well, it has limited not only the motor skills of your hands, but the functioning of the whole meridian system. You got to surf the net and thus you’ve stopped reading, which has limited your thinking. You use the settings of your high-tech gadgets tuned in all the way to the cosmos, but the GPS has changed the vital setting of your brain– it’s setting to itself.

That’s why I bow before people like Falco. They show the world – or rather they allow the world to see how space lives, which has always been a key aspect of various civilizations. Falco is showing us the settings, but they are not your standard settings – they are the resonance settings.

It is the great knowledge of the existence of matter, of our spirit and – sorry, but I have to say it – the figure of God.

It is ridiculous that some people get to express negative opinions about people like Falco whose lives here on Earth were beyond all definition. I feel like saying to them: hey you, the indignant and arguing ones, the lowly class bogged down in the lowly resonance settings – you demonstrate the law of resonance but fail to understand it. The emotions you are relying on mutate you. Are you saying that perhaps it should be so? You love to defend your position instead of developing it because that takes knowledge, skills, and hard work. The kind of work that such personalities (although even this word is not quite right for him) – such crystal persons like Falco carry out on a daily basis.

Falco revealed a new science to our world, or, more precisely, a knowledge that had long been lost in our linear space. It is the science of resonance, the science of a resonance number necessary for cracking the personal code without which we are nothing.

No, I don’t admire this person, I’m just proud to share the same living process with him. As far as I’m concerned, he is not gone – The Moor has done his duty, which means that now we can come.

Today when great people cannot exist by definition, we have to place our trust in the super-great, one of whom was Falco. Nowadays people’s brains aren’t capable of meeting not only the great beings, but even the worthy ones. But Falco has shown us how this can be redeemed – by changing the settings. It’s a small thing (I’d even say ‘tiny’), but it holds the promise of greatness! Today when an average human brain lives, at best, in a state of attunement to the approaching tram, when it is no longer capable of an effort even in a waiting mode, the chance to benefit from visiting the spaceship of Damanhur is a truly big deal. Of course, this trick will only work if you apply your own effort, but even to have simply shifted the world in the right direction is quite something!

Falco is the man who shifted the whole of modern civilization. That’s what he did. Can you imagine it? No? Then just wait a bit. You have already undergone this shift. I don’t know of any other place like Damanhur, be it the doing of a superman or not. Although I’ve visited about 180 countries and dedicated my whole life to evolution and the search for ancient knowledge, systems and practices, to be able to see them manifested in one single location and in our modern-day world is something quite special even for me! Yes, even for me, the homeless one who has seen it all and has travelled to the land of the Immortals. In fact, I’m writing all this on my own page as opposed to social networks that I’ve never relied on and will never do so because I want to say – I admire this person and describe him as he is.

The knowledge of resonation isn’t of primary importance in this coordinate system. What’s much more important is the control and grasping of the resonance, which is the highest achievement we can aim at in our system of development. In the past people could escape somewhere in search of themselves, but today there’s nowhere to go because swapping one linear coordinate for another won’t get you anywhere. Looking at the way things are now, when only rare few are capable of such exit, you see that the emergence of a high resonance place like Damanhur is our future that no one can prevent.

Falco has shifted the present time and we owe him a big thank you even if he doesn’t need our gratitude. It is pointless to speculate about why he fell ill and why he died. He wasn’t ill – it’s his critics who are ill. And he didn’t die – it’s his critics who died while still alive. Illness and death are also resonances, and there’s no other way to understand them. Yet if illness is a linear resonance frequency that can be further tracked along the scale, death is the highest linear frequency where we break free from linear time. This is also knowledge. It’s scary to die while still alive, but not when you break free from the temporal dependence, which can’t, in fact, be viewed as death.

It is ridiculous that the screwups and spongers with regard to their own lives chew over the departure of such beings as Falco. Just pay attention to his life – as for his departure, he will take care of it himself! Our failure to understand it is what makes us all dumbheads and idiots when we talk and want to know only what we can put into words.

How can we talk about anything else, not to say experience it while living in a sick body and consciousness? Of course, all of us are used to living in dreams, so let the dream of visiting Damanhur, if only once in our lives, be the only dream we cherish. You cannot just talk about Falco – you have to go and see him, for he is there, in Damanhur – in the resonating coordinate system of his own creation.

This is not the world of the early cultures and peoples. It is the world of the laws they lived by, the laws of certain frequencies. It is the book about thirteen resonating spaces that our three-dimensional coupling can fathom and express.



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