He Xiangu

The great and unmatched He Xiangu (何仙姑) is the keeper of the Purple Room on Penglai Island – the Island of the Immortals. The Purple Room is a room that holds the knowledge for building an immortal body. The room has a frequency of 150-200 Hz, that opens the impact angle at 180 degrees. Structurally and inherently this room represents a single uterus. It’s power is equal to six C notes, as well as six axis activations (according to Wen Wang). Six is the number of rest (according to Fu-Xi). The Purple Room is described by the Kun trigram.

He Xiangu was the only woman among the Immortals, she is the symbol of all women who have reached immortality (she is related to the deity Ma Gu). He Xiangu is associated with external alchemy, her symbols are the lotus, the peach, and the sacred mushroom Lingzhi.

He Xiangu achieved immortality in the VII century. At 14, she met the immortal Lu Dongbin, who taught her the art of mica (saliva). To free her from hunger, he gave her a peach. The eating of the peach here symbolizes the art of achieving immortality by freeing oneself from the dependence on crude energy. In other words Lu Dongbin helped He Xiangu to change the quality of her energy, so she was no longer bound by her physical body, and even learned how to move around the mountains, jumping over large distances.

He Xiangu’s knowledge is associated with the art of nourishing the body with mica and pearl, which represent the basic crystal structure. He Xiangu created, or rather, enriched the knowledge about the improvement of the Precelestial state.

He Xiangu is believed to be the first who streamlined the practice for women who want to achieve immortality.

He Xiangu’s name is also related with the mountain Lo Fu Shan, not far from the city of Guangzhou in Guangdong Province. On this mountain there is a Bridge for meeting the immortals (Huixianqiao, 会 仙桥), where the immortal lady still meets with her students.

Legend has it that here the alchemy practitioner Su Dongpo once met two travelers – a man and a woman. The woman composed a poem to tease Su for being punished by the imperial court. Then Su suddenly realized that the rustic-looking farmer was in fact He Xiangu! The other traveler – who turned out to be Iron-Crutch Li – helped Su cross the wide river by transforming into a bridge.

If you want to try to find the immortal lady, you should go to Magufen peak (麻姑 峰), where – ever since the year 750 – He Xiangu descends from heaven on the 15th day of the lunar month for the Taoist ceremony dedicated to the Jade Emperor. Usually, however, when present in these areas, she hides in the multi-colored clouds.

He Xiangu’s knowledge is presented in the School of Complete Reality (Quanzhen). This school was in fact formed after He Xiangu achieved immortality. But since one of the school’s founders was Lu Dongbin (who was also He Xiangu’s teacher), the school is associated with both Sun Bu’er and He Xiangu.

The school contributed significantly to the development of the Institute of Taoist tradition for women. The number of female followers of the school has always been at least equal the number of male followers. This is in fact the doctrine – together with the school of the Celestial Masters (Tianshi dao, 天师 道) that gave women a greater role in Taoism.

The school’s classical work is The Complete Methods for Finding the Treasures of the Spirit (Linbao Bi Fa, 灵宝 毕 法) written by Zhongli Quan and his student Lu Dongbin.

The practical methods associated with the immortal He are based on the feminine principle for collecting and nourishing. Therefore, this practice has the potential power to help generate and nourish the immortal spirit, associated here with the Primary mother (Xuan Tan), who lives in the Primordial Cave, or the matrix of generation, which preserves the knowledge of the Great One and the Three Pneumas, generated by it.

The basic practical areas related to the immortal He Xiangu are:

  • Establishing the center.
  • Improving the energy source.
  • The art of mica and pearls nourishment.
  • Strengthening the Precelestial essence.



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