Leonid Gelibterman

  • Chairman of the Moscow based Russian branch of the International Wine and Food Society.
  • International wine and spirit judge.
  • Chevalier of the French Chapter of Chaine des Rotisseurs.
  • Grandmaster of the Irmandade de Vinhos Galegos (Brotherhood of Galician Wines, Spain).

Author of the book The Alphabet of Wine (reprinted twice in Russia) and over a hundred newspaper and magazine articles on food and spirits.

Author of the course “Enogastronomic etiquette and protocol” for the program Executive MBA at the Institute of Business and Administration (Academy of National Economy at the Russian Federation Government, Moscow), at the State university of Management, and other universities.

An accredited sherry expert Formador Homologado Del Vino De Jerez (Spain).

For ten years Leonid Gelibterman was executive vice president of the Whitehall holding, a managing partner of the Independent Enogastronomic University in Moscow.


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