Chen Xiaowang

One could say many things about this master but I do not want to exploit my relations with him. We have been communicating for over 15 years now and, for me, he is more than a teacher. He is a master whom you only need to observe in order to realize that the art is primarily geometry.  Where there is geometry, there is form, and the person moves on to a different way of perceiving.

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is one of the most famous masters of Taijiquan in the world: he is the 19th Generation Lineage Holder of Chen Family Taijiquan and a living legend among the practitioners of this art.

Chen Xiaowang was born in 1946 in the famous Chinese village of Chenjiagou. He was the son of the eldest son of the legendary Chen Fa-ké and is a direct descendant of the founder of Taijiruan Chen Wangting. Chen Xiaowang began studying deeply this art in his early childhood. As a result of his persistent and steadfast practices with his grandfather Chen Fa-ké and with his father, in the course of time Chen Xiaowang reached a higher level than the other representatives of this generation in his family.

In 1980 and 1981 Chen Xiaowang was awarded the Chinese National Wushu Tournament Taijiquan gold medal. In 1985, he was crowned Taijiquan Champion at the First International Wushu Competition in Xi'an. 

Chen Xiaowang conducts seminars regularly throughout the whole world, including Russia. His seminars have been attended by more than seventy thousand people. Among his students and the students of his students (up to five generations) about 1500 people became champions of various competitions and tournaments. In 1988 the Chinese government awarded Chen Xiaowang a special prize for his personal contribution to the development and popularization of Taijiquan. Chen Xiaowang is the only representative in the Chinese National Assembly elected by the Taijiquan School. Chen Xiaowang is also a recognized master of the art of calligraphy.



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