Elena Vitkova

Master at the Daoist subdivision of the INBI World Club. Representative of the Laboratory for the development of concentration.

For me, Elena’s significance stems from her success in proving the efficacy of Daoist practices by traversing the way of the true knowledge of Daoist art.

Elena is the epitome of the genuine quality of knowledge and filling that contemporary women need. She is capable of perceiving the geometry of space and proportion, which is of great significance for the people who seek and which singles her out. By just watching her movements and the completeness she demonstrates in her practice and communication one could discover and gain knowledge of new frontiers in women’s development. This is what makes her valuable to me.

After dedicating more than 15 years to the study and the practice of Chinese internal styles (Taiji Quan, Bagua Zhang, Daoist yoga) Elena grew to become a true master, capable of transmitting Daoist knowledge. 

Elena is the author of many programs connected with the development and the healing of women on the basis of Daoist yoga.

In the last decade she has been involved in active teaching in Russia and abroad, regularly taking part in exploratory expeditions in China, Korea, and Latin America.



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