Alexei Zhgutov

There are not too many people in the contemporary world who can offer methods for real self-knowledge. These methods are good for some; others, they do not fit. What matters, really, is that they exist. Nowadays, when the concept of tradition becomes a myth for most people, only well tested methods can bring about change. And it is people like Alexei Zhgutov who create conditions for genuine human development.

In today’s world there is no point in comparing masters, let alone teachers. There are so few of them that each of them is of genuine value to the space where he is. This is why, by specifically singling out Alexei, I single out the possibility for perfecting space per se, where the people who work with space, observe particularities only in the laws of methodology.

Oleg Cherne


Alexei Anatolievich Zhgutov is the founder of the system for human self-knowledge SABI. He is an expert in the sphere of physical culture and psychology, and the author of many articles and series of books, including the book The Human Being: Clarity of Consciousness.

He spent many years in China, Thailand, and Tibet, learning techniques aimed at the development of the physical, energy, emotional, and mental capacities of the human being. He is the author of short but evocative definitions like: “The soul is the immortal teachable part of the human being;” “The soul consists of three ingredients: wisdom, will and unconditional love;” “Too much goodness is worse than cruelty,” etc.

The concept of SABI was chosen by Alexei because it was not laden with associations drawing on religious, national or political movements or traditions. However, in Japanese culture there exists the philosophical notion of sabi, which is rooted in the Zen perception of the world and defines the rhythm of nature and being. It is an intuitive understanding of the transitory beauty of the physical world, which is a reflection of the irreversible flow of life into the spiritual world.

The goal of SABI is achieving the true nature of the human being, understanding one’s task in life, and becoming aware of the Way, which allows the realization of one’s talents and gifts. It provides a genuine chance for effecting a harmonious interaction between one’s interior world and its external reflection. SABI is one of the ways which could take us to an understanding that we are so much more than our physical bodies and that we are fully capable of controlling our energy, emotional, mental, and other processes.

The teaching methods offered by the system SABI involve a synthesis of the knowledge acquired from many genuine masters. They utilize the methodologies elaborated by the Contemporary Institute for the Study of the Human Being. Part of the knowledge was achieved in a state of broadened perception from the energy informational field of the Earth. All these techniques complement each other in an organic way and, in the many years of practice, they proved their effectiveness, expediency, and safety.

The knowledge acquired in this way can be used in any chosen direction: in self-exploration and discovery of new human capacities; in therapy and healing; in the martial arts, and so forth. In SABI, the knowledge of the ancient masters of the internal schools (who use the energy potential in their methods) is combined with the results of the contemporary experts in the sphere of psychophysical development. Special exercises aimed at the healing of the physical and the energy bodies allow excellent wellbeing at any age. 

The OBE (Out-of-body experience) offered by the system provides the chance for the practitioner to become convinced that existence goes on after the death of the physical body and that it is possible to influence this existence through actions in this life.

The practical exercises working with emotions develop the capacity to control emotional states, to focus them and to protect them from the influence of external irritations. These exercises are aimed at achieving a state of unconditional love and at casting off destructive addictions and enslaving attachments. Working with the mental structure opens up the possibility for understanding social reality and the world, grasping causal connections, and becoming liberated from karmic dependencies.

Spiritual development is the most important aspect of the system. Here it is perceived not as the observing of rituals but as a permanent effort aimed at the liberation from selfish impulses and at the opening of the true human potential.

Alexei Zhgutov’s system offers the possibility for acquiring basic knowledge about the human being and the human capacities. We are not speaking here about theoretical models of information but about knowledge achieved through practical experience with one’s own senses. This is the proper reliable foundation on which one can build one’s own edifice with one’s own unique individuality.


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