There are people of time and there are people of space: it makes no sense to pass judgment between the two. It is quite enough for me that this man has been assigned a unique spacial task. His greatness is in his capacity for self-preservation, which has become a great art today. Be able to preserve the potential of life: it is an enormous resource for development. There are few people like this in nature and we should be grateful to them even for the mere fact that they exist.

Shogun was born in the Sakhalin taiga. He became an instructor in 1994, the year when he founded a branch of the Shogun Budo Club, where he was leading kendo, iaido, and Zen Buddhist practices.

He was initiated in a Buddhist monastery in Bhutan where he was given the Buddhist name the Ancient Guardian. He took part in numerous exploratory expeditions in China, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, and North and Latin America.

He is an initiated guardian of the spirit. He has been initiated in the Maya and the Andean tradition.

Since 2000 he lives in Spain.

He teaches Daoist practices in the city of Murcia. At present, he is actively involved in the research program of the Center for the American Indian Traditions of South, Central, and North America.

He is the founder of a unique video studio, dedicated to development.


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