Marcelo Plotnik

Marcelo is a man about whom one could safely say that he has devoted the whole of his life to an internal exploration. After dedicating two years to the study of Zen he realized that the mate-concept could also be perceived in the framework of a deep realization of human life. Marcelo was first to promote the art of drinking mate in the times of the USSR.

Due to the fact that Marcelo’s mother was originally from the rainforest of Chako, not far from the territories of the Guarani who, in fact, introduced the art of the mate ceremony to the world, Marcelo was closely familiar with this culture from the start. When he undertook the exploration of the ceremonial aspect of this tradition, he spent eight years heightening his awareness of life by alternating mate-meditation and Zen meditation.

In 2000, perceiving a deficit of internal knowledge, Marcelo turned to the study of Taijiquan, Bagua Zhang, Daoist meditation and other practices in the INBI system. In 2001 he visited Russia and presented the art of the mate ceremony in Moscow. It can be claimed Marcelo is one of the pioneers who introduced the mate culture in Russia and initiated the active development it undergoes today.

In the years 2000-2006, in the framework of INBI events, Marcelo Plotnik organized and took part in various exploratory and initiation travels related to the Andean culture.

After dedicating many years to the study of human psychology and the characteristics of various medicinal and natural substances, Marcelo gained deep understanding of the beneficial effects of using natural products (in the first place, mate). At present, Marcelo devotes a great part of his activities to the struggle against drugs. Being an expert in the sphere of anti-toxins and a highly qualified psychologist, today Marcelo is one of the major specialists in Argentina who fight drugs and help the overcoming of drug addictions.



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