These are the people that I would like to present to you - Masters, Teachers and others that have played a role in my life or helped me shape my own

He Xiangu He Xiangu

The only woman among the Immortals, she is the symbol of all women who have reached immortality (she is related to the deity Ma Gu). He Xiangu is associated with external alchemy, her symbols are the lotus, the peach, and the sacred mushroom Lingzhi.

Cao Guo Jiu Cao Guo Jiu

Cao Guo Jiu was a member of the Cao dynasty. His name can be translated as "Uncle of Emperor Cao" or "Imperial Uncle Cao". Cao Guo Jiu (曹國舅) is one of the eight Taoist immortals. He represents the matrix of Dui trigram and is a representative of the new generation of immortals, and one might say, even of the new technologies in the comprehension of this art. Being a representative of the ruling family, he left his service to seek immortality, however, as a symbol of power he used a golden plate, which he converted later into Jade clappers.

Zhang Guo Lao Zhang Guo Lao

Zhang Guo Lao (張果老) was one of the most prominent figures among the immortals. He demonstrated unique abilities and knowledge, contrary to all the norms and understanding of how to achieve personal development. Guo Lao is one of the Eight Immortals of the Taoist pantheon. Not only his knowledge gives aged people the chance and opportunity to obtain higher qualities and states, but he also helps to acquire the knowledge and understanding of the nature of the female body by adopting from the great He Xian Gue her knowledge of advancing the female principle of development and thus offering women over the age of 49 the possibility to obtain a special body, the body of the Flying woman. It is his knowledge thatunderlies the establishment of the Flying women school where mainly aged women were accepted.