These are the people that I would like to present to you - Masters, Teachers and others that have played a role in my life or helped me shape my own

Shogun Shogun

Shogun was born in the Sakhalin taiga. He became an instructor in 1994, the year when he founded a branch of the Shogun Budo Club, where he was leading kendo, iaido, and Zen Buddhist practices.

Alexei Zhgutov Alexei Zhgutov

Founder of the system for human self-knowledge SABI. He is an expert in the sphere of physical culture and psychology, and the author of many articles and series of books, including the book The Human Being: Clarity of Consciousness.

Elena Vitkova Elena Vitkova

Master at the Daoist subdivision of the INBI World Club. Representative of the Laboratory for the development of concentration.

Oleg Onopchenko Oleg Onopchenko

Founder and Grandmaster of the International Kolo organization, President of the Baltic Hapkido union, founder of the European Oriental Culture Institute, dharma teacher of the Kwan Um school of Zen, international master of Tong Ren therapy, Qi Kung therapy, Daojiquan, Tui na massage, and Shiatsu.

Chen Xiaowang Chen Xiaowang

Grandmaster Chen Xiaowang is one of the most famous masters of Taijiquan in the world: he is the 19th Generation Lineage Holder of Chen Family Taijiquan and a living legend among the practitioners of this art.

Robert Amaker Robert Amaker

Bob (Robert) Amaker has a BA in mathematics but he is also a writer, a musician, and a martial arts master. A man of knowledge and a man of rhythm, he is first and foremost a man of art. Today, at the age of 65 he is still genuinely interested in the two passions of his early youth: drums and Taijiquan.

Jan Silberstorff Jan Silberstorff

Jan Silberstorff  is President of the World Chen Taijiquan Association Germany (WСTAG), a student of the grandmaster Chen Xiaowang, and the author of the first book on the Chen style of Taiji in German. 

Taisha Abelar Taisha Abelar

One of the leading female students of Carlos Castaneda.

Falco (Oberto Airaudi) Falco (Oberto Airaudi)

Founder of Damanhur  Crystal center in Italy.

Elena Vrublevskaya Elena Vrublevskaya

Elena Vrublevskaya represents a unique style of interacting with space that is no longer found in modern day artefacts, although it has an integral meaning. This style stems not only from the imperatives of creating attunements with space, but even more so from the imperatives of its materialization.