Online course «Zen. Art of No-mind» [online]

Date: 14/03/2021
Address: ZOOM

Zen is the unique Japanese art of contemplation, or rather the perception of the pathway of development through contemplation. This is the art of operating by deepening and reinforcing our mental power.

Zen was present and practiced in different spiritual schools. This was a particular teaching, in which the development of peace, harmony, concentration, breathing and inner strength were combined. By practicing Zen, there is detachment from things and processes which destroy our development at the level of consciousness, body and energy. Therefore, Zen may be considered a discipline that keeps us from lowering our vibrations.

Zen is, first of all, a means of entering one's self. With the unlimited nature of this teaching there is its sufficiency. Through practice, we explore the art of working with the brain, and not just by being in a higher reality, which makes this teaching the highest form of adequacy. Zen teaches to direct awareness towards itself. And it is not a process of admiration, serenity or calmness, but a constant work on mental effort and the reinforcement of mental strength. Otherwise, the brain becomes switched off (which, however, for many, is the concept of no-mind).

A state of no-mind is a type of effort associated with the activity of a specific area of the brain called the Diamond Center. It is important to perceive this tangible effort to realize teaching of Zen and keep the whole brain in a focused state. The state of no-mind achieved through practice is the highest state of the human mind that the discipline of Zen helps us to realize.


The whole program of the online course consist of 4 lessons:


6—7, 13—14 March



Zen meditation

Zen meditation focuses on the development of a certain state of consciousness, which in Zen practice is usually called the state of no-mind. This state is determined by the effort created in the brain



Kuji-in is a Japanese alchemical art that has its roots in the Taoist tradition. Over time, it manifested itself in the teachings of Shugendo (a mix of Buddhism, Taoism and local Shinto beliefs), and also gained attention thanks to the Yamabushi and Ninja monks.



Tanden is the center of effort, the concentration of vital energy, and inner breathing that allows us to identify inner strength. This is an important alchemical concept, which is associated with the use of special parts of the brain. These parts we can develop through the practice of Japanese alchemy. During activation of Tanden, we stimulate a particular type of conscious breathing. This breathing helps us to discover a source of energetic awakening, capable of nourishing emptiness.



Suizen is a type of Zen meditation practice through playing the shakuhachi flute. The practice of Suizen is a profound system related to the alchemical direction of Zen. It is available not only to hermit monks but also to anyone exploring the possibilities of shaping the opening breath of the ikinuki.


What do you need to prepare

  • Short stick, length 50—60 cm, imitating the flute or, shakuhachi  flute.


  • You can subscribe to the  Alchemy Telegram channel and group where we post questions from the participants and answers from Oleg Cherne.
  • Please, be aware, in case of absence, we won’t provide materials of the lecture. Later you can purchase recordings of the session in the webshop.


One lesson


Complete program (4 lessons)


  • The price is indicated in Russian Rubles.


How to participate

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  • Upon payment we will send an e-mail with a link for the conference.
  • Please check the correctness of the specified email! If email is incorrect, you will not be able to receive the login information.
  • If you have not received an email with a password to enter the conference, please check the "Spam" folder. Access can also be requested in the CHOM & INBI online telegram group: technical support by attaching a payment confirmation.
  • We kindly ask you to connect 15 minutes before the start of the conference to check the connection, sound and image.
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