International women’s retreat “Embodying Sarasvati: Awakening Sacred Power”

Date: 29/04/2022 — 09/05/2022
Address: Bali, Indonesia

Discover Your Light Within…

Are you interested to join a women’s retreat in Bali? Do you want to experience power of a women’s circle to practice and discover path towards inner harmony and true happiness?

Then we invite you to “Embodying Saraswati: Awakening Sacred Power” retreat which will take place in Bali. We’ll practice in a beautiful private villa in the middle of lush rice fields and will visits many sacred springs, temples and places on the sacred island. This unique place is known as "an island of the Gods" because of the abundance of holy places where till now many ancient ceremonies are held.

During the program, we will build a foundation for developing our women's nature, where practice itself becomes an important and necessary daily ritual. After the retreat, you’ll connect deeper to your feminine nature through practices and purification ceremonies. Through reaching a state of inner harmony we’ll create a foundation for further development.

The program will be conducted in two languages - Russian and English.

During the retreat we’ll dive into discovery of the following topics:

  • How to purify body, energy, and consciousness from accumulated destructive energies
  • Renewal of energy and mental resources
  • Tuning to the inner nature
  • What are the main principles of developing female body
  • Interaction with sacred spaces and priests. Practical classes in the temples
  • Visiting sacred places of power. Participation in the sacred rituals of purification

The whole program consists of practices and lectures:

Temple Yoga
Nutrition with crystalline essences
Purification of shin bones Jasmine
“Garuda” ritual Tamarisk
Tuning “the cerebellum” Jasmine
Principles of the ceremonial initiation and purification Lily

Nutrition with aromas Lily
Synchronization Tulip, Neroli
Womb Tuning Tulip
Ecstatica Neroli

Tuning sacred anatomy in motion Tamarisk
Tuning of consciousness. Meditation Tamarisk
Interacting with sacred spaces and temples Lily
Integral nature of a woman Tamarisk
Integral fields as macrocosmic map of our space
Sacred features of Bali’s temples
Oleg Cherne
Prenatal nature of a woman. The nature of feelings
Our body as sacred temple and the role of the womb
Sacredness of a woman’s nature. Integral medicine
Sacred architecture of a woman’s body
What is initiation for a woman Jasmine
Interaction with sacred places of power Lily
Rituals in a woman’s life Tamarisk, Lily


We recommend to subscribe to The Perfect One Telegram channel and The Perfect One Online thematic chat to maintain the tuning to the program.

Features of the program

PARTICIPATION. Participation is subject to mandatory approval. See below for details in the section "Registration".

LIMITATIONS. The program is designed for women therefore no men are allowed to participate. Involvement in the program after its start is not allowed.

NUTRITION. We pay special attention to nutrition throughout the program. High frequency nutritional essences are provided during the sessions (no other food intake). After classes, only vegetarian light meals are allowed.


Registration will take place in two stages.

Stage  1

  • To approve your application and pre-book your place, please send us your request through the form on website.
  • Upon approval of the candidacy, we will inform you that you are included in the preliminary list of participants.

Stage  2

  • In February 2021 we will contact you for more detailed information and ask you to confirm the registration with a partial payment for the event .
  • Please note that the tariff will depend on the term of completion of a partial payment: before or after March 13, 2021.
  • Please, be aware that In case of subsequent withdrawal from participation, the amount of the partial payment is not carried over or returned as we already will book a place for you in the villa.


When registering
before March 13 , 2021
When registering
after March 13 , 2021
“Embodying Sarasvati: Awakening Sacred Power” retreat 2000 2500
“Embodying Sarasvati: Awakening Sacred Power” retreat + “Angkor Wat” 3500 4000
  • Price is indicated in US dollars.

    The price includes:
    • ACCOMMODATION. Double occupancy in a 3stars private villa (if you are interested in single occupancy – please apply in advance, additional payment approx $ 400 -500) .
    • NUTRITION. Dinner and high frequency nutrition during the course.
    • TRANSFERS. When traveling as part of a group from / to airports.
    • EXCURSIONS. Tickets and transfers to sacred places and other points within the program.
    The price does not include:
    • FLIGHTS. Information about recommended flights will be provided later.
    • Gratuities and related expenses.


Bali (Indonesia)

Additional information

The preferred communication method is WhatsApp or Telegram.

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