Online workshop “Shaman. Anatomy of Spirit”

Date: 06/06/2020 — 04/07/2020
Address: online

The anatomy of spirit is a condition for the existence of all forms of life surrounding us. From the darkness to the light, spirit is ever-present and includes many levels. It is connected both with the spiritualized nature of the macrocosm and humans, with all living things.

The knowledge of the anatomy of the spirit requires both feeling and experience astral geometry, which represents a perfect structure of that essence. The ability to perceive the anatomy of the spirit allows us to comprehend the depth of our nature and the extent of spaces surrounding us.

Each person is, by nature, a shaman. We try to fulfill the needs of our spirit in search of one or another realization. That is why we can consider shamanism not only the most ancient spiritual practice but also the most natural human need to follow the nature of our spirit.

Shamanism is the path of direct revelation; for some, it is unmanifested, that is, unconscious need, and for some, it is an opportunity to connect with a source of energy.

We can determine the anatomy of spirit as the knowledge that humanity has developed over the entire period of its existence.

The human spirit is where the light nature originates and when the spirit emits luminosity. It differs from the lower quality of the human essence when spirit consumes more than it radiates. Understanding this topic is a challenging issue for the human mind but also the macrocosm, consciousness of which we can also consider a form of spirit.

For further development of our essence, we need to adopt a fundamental concept about different levels of our nature.

  • There is a nature of the creation of spirit, that is, some organizing structure that forms everything.
  • Nature destroys spirit due to its weakness.
  • Nature that nourishes weak souls, and it represented by how we live. Such a nature gives direction and even the possibility of transformation. This orientation is the real human nature that we can embody.
  • Spirits, which are supported by a specific higher force, can reunite with this force.
  • Spirits of light, the consciousness of which represents the nature of conscious spirits capable of transforming themselves (tantric spirits belong to this sphere).
  • Spirits of various forms of tension, where the force of internal cohesion is more potent than external separation. Such spirits are independent of external reactions.
  • Illumination spirits giving rise to more complex life forms. We can also consider these forms as spirits, although it is better to call them bodies. They form the enormous variety of spirituality, where the light itself, in its pure form, is seen as a spirit.


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  • We would like to remind that we won’t be able to provide recordings of the session.


Date   Master
6 June Anatomy of spirit. Lecture Ben Chelero
13 June Rhythms of shaman. The force of spirit Ben Chelero
20 June Ceremony of mate. The force of spirit Mauro Pachak
27 June Ritual of the plants of power Mauro Pachak
4 July Practice of dreaming. Dreaming of Anakonda Ben Chelero


00:01—01:15  (MSK)


The whole program 5000
Separate days attendance
6 June 500
13 June 1800
20 June 800
27 June 1800
4 July 1800

Price is indicated in Rubles.

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