Online workshop “Anatomy of the Beauty”

Date: 12/06/2020 — 23/06/2020
Address: online

«Anatomy of Beauty» is an initiating program for women who would like to delve deeper into their true feminine nature. Initiation happens when we’ll be able to fulfill, nourish ourselves with beauty from within.

Every woman has a latency to express subtle divinity through her presence. But rarely she reaches the point when she can manifest it. Only through experiencing the depth of her nature, woman can enjoy and experience real pleasure. Being a woman and not enjoying your subtlest lightness means depriving yourself of a precious jewel.

Mastering the art of beauty implies that you do not imitate someone or thinking that you are not enough. Beauty is what we can learn to cultivate, to nurture, to develop in ourselves. Beauty is not an external concept, but a manifestation of the internal, refined personal effort.

«Anatomy of Beauty» is a program aimed at mastering the art of living the sacredness of feminine nature, understanding the nature of harmony, timelessness, experiencing the state of the Jade body. It is the process of ritualization of feminine nature when woman immerses herself and devotes to the cult of harmony.

Harmony is the most significant measure of beauty. When a woman experience profound balance and peace, she emits light. Beauty without harmony is just an imaginary thing.

Harmony nourishes not only the physical body but also the spiritual aspect of human nature. And it is the harmony that forms an understanding of the timeless nature, characterizing spiritual beauty, allowing you to feel the reality of the sacredness of the female body. It enables you to master the art of perception of beauty — that inexhaustible power that nourishes the nature of the female body, feelings, and consciousness.

Beauty in Daoist tradition is associated with the concept of «Drinking water from the West Lake.» There is a Daoist technique of Five Perfect Beauty Forms or Five Beauty Masks of Si Shi. This practice represents beauty as elegance and grace of five legendary women of China, inspiration from which we can draw from Li Bo’s poem dedicated to Si Shi.

In this poem, four foundations of femininity were described. There were concepts of form, harmony, timelessness, and jade purity; which woman can reach through loving care and attention to her internal processes.

In Ayurveda, Tibetan, and Daoist medicine, it is believed that woman needs to care of herself both internally and externally. Otherwise, she ignores principles of aesthetic development, which are fundamental for women. It has an impact on her physiology when she doesn’t develop and nurture her womb, her sacred center. She deprives her of a deeper experiencing physical and sensual processes, which can enrich her existence. That is, a woman in the first place should be able to tune in to her nature and her inner space. This is the right attitude to the beauty that determines the proper direction on the path of developing radiant grace.


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  • Four symbols of femininity
  • Body nutrition
  • Beauty tuning
  • Beauty masks of the beauty from Si Shi
  • The Art of Velvet Body Development


Date Master
12 June Jie Kong
13—14 June There are no lessons!
15—19 June Jie Kong
20—21 June Mara Oli
22—23 June Jie Kong


06:30—08:30 (MSK)



Payment till 6th  June

Payment from 7th June

♦ One day pass 12 June 2000
♦ The whole program 12—23 June 10000 12000
  • Price is indicated in Russian Rubles.

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