Online workshop «Anatomy of Tai Chi Chuan»

Date: 01/06/2020 — 10/06/2020
Address: online

The Geometry of the body, the Anatomy of Tai Chi Chuan, and the Alchemy of Movement are three fundamental concepts in practice when we perceive movement from the perspective of internal transformation.

Tai Chi Chuan forms geometry of the movement. This practice help to improve energy circulation and ability to concentrate.

Daoist hermits created the original practice of Tai Chi. One of them was Zhang Sanfeng, who formed the basis of the practice and also achieved immortality through this technique.

The primary value of Tai Chi practice today is knowledge about the depth of perception of the physical body, about its geometry, its structure on different levels. Understanding of this tradition as a martial art is a limitation of capabilities that can be developed through the regular practice of Tai Chi Chuan.

Although, of course, the power of energy that we can generate through this practice marks Tai Chi as a unique art from the position of its knowledge.


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  • Anatomy of Tai Chi Сhuan
  • Geometry of the Body
  • Alchemy of the Movement


Date Master
1—5 June Jie Kong
6—7 June Wang Chong
8—10 June Jie Kong


08:00—09:00 (MSK*)


One lesson 2000 RUB
The whole program 9000 RUB

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