Online workshop «Geometry of the Body»

Date: 01/06/2020 — 10/06/2020
Address: online

The Geometry of the body, the Anatomy of Tai Chi Сhuan, and the Alchemy of Movement are three fundamental concepts in practice when we perceive movement from the perspective of internal transformation.

The principles behind the geometry of the body form a foundation of practices created by Daoist alchemists. These practices help to improve energy circulation and prepare students for alchemical work in motion.

The construction of the geometry is possible with the help of an internal effort of our consciousness. By applying this effort, we strengthen and able to change energy and physical characteristics of the body.

On this level, we become more aware of the physiological and energetic principles of the development of the body. This knowledge is necessary for building the proper functioning of muscles, tendons, bones, skin, arteries.

The geometry of the body teaches us how to develop internal support, which creates a foundation for further growth. Mindless physical development paralyzes and dissipates energy, replacing it with an aerobic load, which replaces the energy distillation effort only for a short time. Physical development without proper concentration and proper circulation of energy is the myth of a «healthy lifestyle.»

Only when a person has developed concentration and built the correct circulation of energy, he can combine into a single whole body, energy, and consciousness. From this moment, all primary resources begin to work together. It doesn’t matter what a person is doing: whether he moves his hand, concentrates on something, holding the body correctly, or builds this or that circulation of energy — everything in the body should be linked together.

Energy, consciousness, and body must be united at every moment. Without this unity, it is impossible to begin internal strengthening; that is, the accumulation of energy. Only with the gathering of an additional energy resource a person can start to change himself.

It is necessary to change the body and energy to produce even more significant internal resources and to develop consciousness.


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  • Anatomy of Tai Chi Сhuan
  • Geometry of the Body
  • Alchemy of the Movement


Date Master
1—5 June Jie Kong
6—7 June Wang Chong
8—10 June Jie Kong


08:00—09:00 (MSK*)


One lesson 2000 RUB
The whole program 9000 RUB

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