Online workshop “Tantra. The development of mystical force”

Date: 10/06/2020 — 08/07/2020
Address: online

In a general sense tantra is a discipline of mastering a mystical force that is often associated with the energy of Shiva, mastering which gives us an ability to manifest and develop it further. This becomes a religion for some, a path of spiritual liberation for others, and there are also those who perceive this as a tool of development.

We can cultivate this inner force through various avenues: spiritual, mystical, transformative, and one of internal balancing. They vary in the quality of perception and depth of the attentive direction. At the same time, the foundation of any tantric experience is mysticism. How you experience is subject to the degree of self-control you exert, purity of your perception and depth understanding of your inner energy processes.

Tantra helps us connect with ourselves; it is a form of revelation of personal force and direction of intention.


  • You can sign up for 1 class or block of 5 classes
  • Recording of the broadcast will not be provided, please be sure to attend the class in person.
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Regular practice on Wednesdays:
10, 17, 24 June, 1, 8 July


00:13—01:30 (MSK)


Breathing of Mystical Force

The breathing of mystical force or Breath of Zen has many expressions — from the art of playing flute, sword fighting to controlling the energy body.

Zen practices originated in Okinawa, create a foundation for the development of mystical force when the physical body perceived as a temple. In this particular practice of Zen, positions of the body are imitating the sacred architecture of Zen temples. Breathing pattern developed during this practice is associated with the breathing of sacred juniper. It is a temple practice that was passed from hermits and monks who carried  living temple within themselves. Through this practice, we can attain a particular psychic state and mind tuning, which was the basis for the mastering of martial arts in ancient Japan.


Representation of Mystical Force

The representation of the mystical force or the power of Shakti is what initially laid foundation for tantra as discipline. Based on the understanding of this force, many tantric practices were created, among which Tenaga Dalam. This type of tantra focuses on developing and strengthening the body’s energy field. Expansion of the energy field activates various systems in the body, improves physical condition of a man, and leads to the formation of personal force.


Binding the Mystical Force

The gathering and binding of mystical force are the main tasks of the Daoist tantra. This practice focuses on changing the tonality of a person, which refers to the concept of thirteen types of engagement of jing energy.  Tantra of energy cultivation forms the basis for the Daoist alchemical practice and development of force during movements.



One class 1000
Five classes 3500
  • Price is in Russian rubles.

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Jie Kong


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