Online workshop “Discover Your Light Within”

Date: 11/05/2020 — 16/05/2020
Address: online

About the program

“Discover Your Light Within” is an integral program for women who would like to deepen their practice. The program contains knowledge for conscious women's evolution, which was successfully applied and refined through more than 40 years of practice of alchemist Jie Kong His primary focus are research methods of development of human nature. Studying different spiritual traditions and interacting with renowned masters, Jie Kong accumulated a considerable amount of knowledge about development of a woman's nature, tested it on all continents, and prepared many instructors in The Perfect One project.

“Discover Your Light Within” provides a sophisticated and necessary experience for women who wants to gain a more profound knowledge about themselves and the world around them. At the same time, it allows delving deeper into the essence of feelings and perceptions, restraining from reactions and emotions that depress vibrations and limit spirit from expansion.

The program explains the most fundamental principles of a woman's personal growth and, most importantly, allows comprehending a method of development. The methodological structure provides a systematical and organized navigation, consolidates and explains not only about the physical body but also topics about energy and consciousness.

Structure of the program

The program includes knowledge about all integral fields and integrates twelve directions and four levels, which form a complete map for a woman on the path of development.

It is a comprehensive model of the female nature evolution, where, on the one hand, traditions of different tantra's, and on the other, an understanding of the oracle nature of a woman, are described. The core concept of the program is the development of our inner light, physical and tactile perception of illumination.

About The Perfect One project

The whole system of The Perfect One project has a stepwise algorithm. At the same time, different levels of this system allow you to create a set of practices like a constructor. Depending on the peculiarities of your mentality, level of engagement, and personal nature, you can build your plan later. Knowledge about the anatomy of practice would help you further.

Throughout the program, we'll work through a parallel-sequential scheme resembling a macrocosmic system of twelve directions. It is essential to look at the development from different angles, and not to stick only to one direction. The idea to embody macrocosmic principles in the program is what makes The Perfect One project so unique.

In this project, we'll explore a woman's body as a multi-level structure formed according to the laws of macrocosmic architecture. Knowledge of integral medicine considers the human body and consciousness as a multilayered matrix that also expresses the uniqueness and energy characteristics of a particular person.

Another distinctiveness of the project is that we pay close attention to the question of awareness, focus, and cognition. Knowledge of the higher integral fields is often irrational, and to comprehend it, we have to train our consciousness to be able to rationalize it without losing the depth of perception.


  • You can subscribe to the Alchemy Telegram channel and group where we post questions from the participants and answers from Oleg Cherne.
  • It is possible to attend the whole program only!
  • Please, be aware, in case of absence, we won’t provide materials of the lecture. Later you can purchase recordings of the session in the Alchemy webshop.


13:00—15:00 (MSK)


9000 Russian rubles.

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