Online workshop “Capoeira Meditation”

Date: 03/05/2020
Address: online

Capoeira meditation is a practice for tuning to the irrational nature of a person. It is an integral part of African alchemy and represents knowledge about the development of the highest potential of human nature. This knowledge was available only to priests and nobles in Yoruba culture. In this aspect, it is part of and variety of Axe meditation representing it from a slightly different angle.

Ashe (Axé) is a unique concept fundamental to African tradition. It has many names, but most widely mentioned in capoeira. Axé is an acquaintance with a cosmic game, a contest for one's nature through which we can connect with the source of this energy.

Over time, worshipping Axé has shaped many ceremonial activities: Brazil, with its Candomble and Umbanda, Cuban Santeria, Rastafarianism in Jamaica, Haitian voodoo, and the US rapper church. These cultures developed and cultivated the spirit of Axé.

At the same time, the advancement of Axé, of course, is most evident in Brazil, and capoeira predominates all other forms of art inspired by this force. However, capoeira in today's world, whether we like it or not, is often seen through a prism of a fight, game, or dance while the main thing, communication with Axé, is missed.

In the form of capoeira, people from various traditions were worshipping and celebrating divine forces through different types of capoeira: Brazilian, American, Haitian, Cuban, Jamaican, and Anglo-Congolese styles.

We can be grateful to African people today for the struggle for justice but not in a form that we get used to. Their orientation to inner freedom, multiplied by an understanding of the temporality of a physical body here on Earth, couldn't be equal to physical appearance and dependence on it. So our idea of slavery is just our subjective judgment.

For an African, a slave is the one who has an enslaved spirit, not his body. We are living today with an imprisoned spirit and much more restrained than those who lived and continues to inhabit that magnificent continent. It's just our perception of the world, which today permeated into many African tribal groups, and disoriented many. And this can be considered real enslavement.

Capoeira is a movement that came from the heart of our planet, from Africa, and spread to the entire world. Capoeira is rapidly conquering all continents and infuses the spirit of freedom and faith in the high power of Axé. And even inaccurate interpretation won't be able to stop the spirit that is integrated into this movement.

During Capoeira meditation, you can use a specific attribute, a crown in a form of cone that mediums and the kings of Yoruba in Nigeria are using. It helps to connect to the consciousness of the highest absolute. For this meditation, you can also wear African caps, which decorated with unique geometric patterns. It would enhance the work during meditation.

Necessary items for practice

During Capoeira meditation, you can use one of the types of percussion instrument:

In case you do not have any instrument, you can use a chair, and even play rhythm on the floor. But the more advanced device we employ, the better the quality of this ritual. The peculiarity of this meditation is that it refers to working with the flow of consciousness. During online sessions, working with the rhythm while being in one flow with a group creates a unique effect of purification and harmonization of not only internal but also external space.

The terms of participation

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13:00—14:30 (MSK)


  • Lecture
  • Practice of meditation


1000 Russian Rubles.

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