Online workshop “Yoruba Oracle: Absolute and True One”

Date: 03/05/2020
Address: online

Ori represents Yoruba oracle system. Ori lives in the human mind but does not belong to it, having own purpose and existence in a form of medium. This is a sacred essence of consciousness and expresses the highest state of development of human nature.

In the Yoruba oracle system, a medium is sending his consciousness to travel and communicate with the forces of space, Orishas. Only the consciousness of Ori is capable of achieving resonance with all Odus',  highest forms of consciousness, which are presented in the form of one or another Orisha.

Ori in a form of Orunmila communicates with Ile-Ife or the world axis. Ori is an expression of consciousness does not attain a state of completeness as it serves as a reflection of the evolving essence of a person.

Therefore, it is measured by the amount of light. Ori exists beyond the reach of the lower forms of awareness. This inaccessibility has become an object of worship, as it is perceived as having the highest consciousness, which is viewed as Orisha.

The terms of participation

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13:00—14:30 (MSK)


  • Lecture
  • Practice of meditation


1000 Russian Rubles.

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