Online workshop “The Path of the True Maiden”

Date: 01/05/2020 — 09/05/2020
Address: online

The path of the true Maiden is a methodological direction in Daoist alchemy. The main focus here is on tuning, restoring, and unlocking the body through practices.

In Daoist alchemy, there is particular importance given to the body because it is a primary vessel for the alchemical work. Proper tonality achieved during practices allows us to develop and maintain naturalness and harmony, to form the integrity of the body.

The tradition of the True Maiden supports a soft transition to the alchemical path of transformation since it does not require a woman to stop menstruating and prepares the body for a natural change.

The practices of the True Maiden are considered canonical for female alchemy as it follows the path of Nine Qi.

We can say that this is an academic school not only of the female Daoist school but also of the entire alchemical line. Despite the complexity of knowledge and possible limitations of this school, it provides a method of the female path in Daoist alchemy, since it is associated with the implementation of the entire scheme of female development in the Daoism. The School of the True Maiden considers all directions of development as preparation for the alchemical path and for the realization of what can be called the Daoist way in general, transformation into a state of ultimate pureness.

The practices of the initial stage in the True Maiden School.

The terms of participation

  • The program is an indivisible whole with practical and theoretical disciplines. A daily pass is not available.
  • A subscription to the Telegram channel  Alchemy is recommended for tuning to the program.
  • Please pay attention that if you skip a session, we won’t provide recording! The program in the recording will be prepared later and posted on the sites for purchase.


11:30—13:00 (MSK) *
There is no session on 3rd May!


Anatomy of the True Maiden

The Anatomy of the True maiden perceives the whole body through connection to the womb. Unlike a man, a woman's body initially has a capability for energy conservation. Since the primary function of a reproductive system of a woman is to generate and gather energy. Consequently, all internal organs are oriented to the uterus, which creates unique conditions for an alchemical work.  Age plays an essential role as every lifecycle differs in its characteristics.


The method of development

The question about the method is one of the first questions that a woman should ask herself. It should become a part of practical work, daily awareness, if you want, of morning meditation. It takes time, effort to learn the method, but the most important thing is that this knowledge is also an independent practice used in the Path of the True Maiden.


Nutrition of the True Maiden

Nutrition of the True Maiden serves as a foundation for a practicing woman in the Daoist tradition. It determines not only her abilities for further growth, but also normal functioning of the body and consciousness, a True Body.

The nutrition of the True Maiden leads to the elimination of dependence on the consumption of Five Cereals. This concept includes any food as it creates an excess of Yin energy into the body, which is blocking proper working of organs, tendons, and blood circulation, preventing the spirit from interacting with the body, accelerating the aging process.

Breathing of the True Maiden

Breathing is an essential practice in the Daoist tradition. Breath of the True Maiden describes the special status of a woman, expressed in her nature. This concept has some complexity as it depends on the ability to regulate a woman's body, womb, and, of course, her breath.


Meditation of the True Maiden

Meditation of the True Maiden aimed at balancing female consciousness. During practice, the main focus will be on tuning and regulating the condition of the womb of a woman. Main focus of the Meditation of the True Maiden is structuring a woman’s path and understanding the principles of deepening in practice.


Attunement of the True Body

Attunement of the True Body is a practice aimed at organizing the female consciousness, body, and energy. During this practice, we work on the creation of the effort of tuning on a task. It would discipline us to practice with a certain level of attention. As it requires constant effort from the mind, concentrated work would allow us to deepen our understanding of the practical path of development.

  • Unblocking the body
  • Tuning the womb
  • Regulation of the liquids


Regulation of the True Body

Regulation of the True Body helps us to understand how to manage the nature of the body. Only by coordinating the body (which implies the organization of energy and consciousness), we can proceed to real practice and development.As time and earth measure the time interval, so the True Body measures readiness for the implementation of the practical path through the attainment of balance.


Creation the True Body

The True Body represents the nature of the female body, harmonized according to macrocosmic laws.

Then she'll understand the processes of accumulation and transformation of energy. Each woman has the True body by the nature of birth, but still, she needs to embrace it. The most considerable difficulty here is how to properly tune and align the body, as it usually has its deviations - both prenatal (from the birth) and postnatal (acquired in the process of life). The inability to correctly organize and develop the body leads to the formation of blocks and problems that ruin the efforts on the development and conditions for further growth

Yin Nature Empowering

The practice of strengthening Yin energy, or Yin nature empowering, is a fundamental Daoist practice. On an advanced level, it represents an alchemical work related to the ability of the womb to communicate with the body. For men, this practice is an additional opportunity to fill and balance internal organs.

During the practice, we are working on developing the Single Sphere of Yin, aimed at collecting and strengthening energy. Obtained energy would support us further by enhancing the process of internal transformations. Since the nature of a woman is characterized by Yin energy, this practice is a way to restore the natural energy circulation and assimilation.


9000 Russian Rubles.

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Jie Kong


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