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Date: 12/04/2020
Address: online

Zen meditation is a form of working with a specific state of consciousness. It's sometimes referred to as a practice that involves state "thinking about not thinking." It's is also called the essence of no-mind, the state of emptiness, or the state of Zen.

Zen is a unique form of reality. Meditation is a way to comprehend this form, leading to a state of consciousness that is called true nature.

Zen is not a path to enlightenment, but a state of existence in an enlightened state. For the cultivation of Zen consciousness, the ability to focus on the target rather than wandering around it is essential.

No-mindedness is the effort of the brain when its functioning controlled by higher consciousness. Then we can be present with our attention in a particular part of our brain for an extended period, changing the vibrational frequency of the brain.

By rising resonance frequency, we are strengthening the ability to direct our attention, to improve our mental focus and personal power due to the assimilation of energy.

The practice of Zen meditation originates in the Buddhist tradition, actively practiced in Yamaguchi, Ninja, Samurai and other martial arts.

Also, in the Tantric tradition, Zen meditation, with its experience of developing pure, radiant pearl of consciousness, creates a special status for this practice.

Among great Masters of Zen, who have achieved enlightenment, perhaps, master Kukai stands out. He achieved immortality with the help of a state of consciousness gained through Zen practice.

Zen meditation is a state of concentrated inner awareness, resembling a bow with a taut bowstring. This practice represents a unique therapeutic exercise for protecting the brain from weakened functioning, like being absent-minded, a low level of attention, etc.


13:00—14:30 (MSK)


  • Contemplation about Zen Meditation
  • Zen Meditation practice

What do you need to prepare

  • Meditation cushion


1000 Russian rubles.

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