Program: The Мagic of Ritual. The Ritual of Freya

Date: 10/05/2020
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria

The Magic of Ritual is an introduction to the spatial characteristics that lie behind each ritual – the language of the ritual, which attunes us to the tasks that it faces.

The Magic of Ritual consists of the action itself, the community of people, participating in the ritual, and the processes, organizing the space. The Magic of Ritual includes many meanings and significations, but it may also carry a ceremonial or just an aesthetic character.

In a number of traditions, where the ritual is tied to the place and culture, certain magical, priestly tasks are realized, which connect people into a certain chain of mentality. However, for modern man, the main magic is the process of experiencing and attunement to the nature of the ritual.

Participation terms

  • Ritual is female-only! Men are not allowed to visit the program.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.




Alchemy of Amulet

The laws of amulets, talismans and charms lie within the art of accumulation, catalization of power and its removal, transfer into a certain form. In other words, the amulet, charm, or even talisman represent the transfer of power. And although the talisman is primarily showing the magic writing, magic cryptography – it is also formed according to the laws of energy transfer into a definite form.

This process is associated with a certain directed energy wave, establishing in the first place a connection with man, endowing him with protective functions or links to other worlds. Of course, fundamental in the amulet is the material it is made of, that is – the energy intensity it has. Secondary is the symbol or the sign designed to activate and direct this energy intensity. Actually, anything that carries the necessary sign representation can be considered an amulet. It is important to establish a connection with the tasks that are given to the amulets, i.e. to study and realize the degree of their spirituality.

Ritual of  Freya

The name of the ritual “Og det er Frejas sal” is translated as “The Abode of Freya” (literally – “And this is Freya’s hall”, Danish). This ritual is the most important tool for creating the necessary breathing for studying the magical properties of runes.

The ritual consists of the manifestation of the Fehu rune, the formation of a power belt, or the Brisingamen gold necklace, and the communication with the roots of the Yggdrasil tree of life. The Rune Fehu – Freya’s clothes, through which she is filling up the space, thus changing it – considered as “Freya’s breath”. By filling up with Freya’s breath, the participant in the ritual gets the magical opportunity to gain a belt of power and touch the Yggdrasil tree. “Freya’s breath” is the breath of immortality – all forces of the universe seek it.

Freya’s ritual is a ritual of filling up with the breaths of the nine worlds, which is an opportunity to see and know them – and not just live with some ideas of events and schemes, which, in fact, limits us in our mental picture of the lower world. The idea of the highest in our space is limited to Asgard – the etheric field, where the Scandinavian Æsir gods Odin, Thor, and Balder live, and where Freya herself lives as well. Valhalla is also located there, where the souls of fallen brave warriors are delivered. This is a special integral field of space. Vanaheim is also located there – the abode of the Scandinavian Vanir gods.


100 euro


INBI Institute

47 Cherni Vrah Blvd., 5 floor, Sofia, Bulgaria

Information and registration

Bulgaria: +359 892 21 58 21,



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