Program: The Art of Gaining Knowledge About Brain. Operating System

Date: 01/05/2020

Perhaps, there is not a single  ancient development system that would possess such a high level of operating  consciousness as the runic. The Runic Operating System differs from all matrix  systems proposed to mankind in its resonant structure, which is not so easy to  comprehend, but nevertheless attracts many, who are not even interested in the  nature of runes.


Ausos Meditation

Ausos Meditation is a type of meditation aimed at the art of capturing a particular field for further operation. This type of meditation reaches to the comprehension of the highest state of consciousness, associated with light, as well as to the possibility of achieving the 11th limit of the macrocosm, and forms the concept of Sacred consciousness. Sacred consciousness is a type of consciousness in German-Scandinavian mythology, which correlates with the concept of Ausos consciousness or the Culture of Great Concentration, manifested in the image of the matrix goddess Ostara, personifying a prophetic cult.

Runic Consciousness

Runic consciousness, or Odin's consciousness, is the type of consciousness, looking from down to up at the world, not from up to down. This is a predefined state of the Moira system. This is the source-consciousness. This is the consciousness of the Mead of Poetry. This is the consciousness of divine predestination, when operating with consciousness is more important than its presence. This is the consciousness that came from Muspelheim, which mixed with the crystalline consciousness and produced the giant Ymir, from whose ambrosia, represented by the heifer Audumlu, the brain of the first woman and the first man was made.

It was a great consciousness, the consciousness of Hrimthurs, that could operate on everything, including the generation of people. It was a time when people were conceived, materialized through consciousness. It was this consciousness that generated 12 male higher consciousnesses (Odin, Thor, Tyr, Bragi, Njord, Heimdallr, Hod, Vidar, Vali, Ullr, Forseti, Loki) and 14 types of female consciousnesses (Frigg, Saga, Eir, Gefjun, Fulla, Freya, Sjöfn, Lofn, Vör, Var, Syn, Hlin, Snotra, Gna).

This consciousness, which came to replace the Celtic consciousness, was summoned to conserve death. It was endowed with speech for the continuous reproduction of the Divine Nectar or Mead of Poetry.

Operating System

Moira is an operating system, which takes an important part in the ideas of the Germanic-Scandinavian alchemy. This alchemy is based on the Ausos concentration and the formation of the nature of a perfect brain, capable of operating not only with consciousness belonging to our field, but also with consciousness of higher fields and the three projections of being, which represent the bonds (Norn).

Moiras represent the higher laws of consciousness of the macrocosm, fulfilling the predestination of not subject to destruction fields, capable of forming connections and structures within themselves, understood as consciousness.

These are the types of consciousness that can be associated with the consciousness of our field, which is classified as Third Integral Field. Actually, Moira is a science about consciousnesses in general, or rather about the schemes for operating with consciousnesses, including also the consciousness, which is neither represented on our planet, nor associated with us because of its high-frequency characteristics.

Mead of Poetry

Mead of Poetry is an alchemical act, proceeding from the knowledge of Moira, the Art of Operating with Consciousness, leading to the art of mixing and materializing the essence that nourishes our brain, which can simply be called the Art of Mixing Saliva.

Figuratively considered as a drink, the recipe of which belongs to Odin. Its intake leads to the renewal of vitality and even to the formation of the new body of Kvasir, which in turn is transformed into an elixir, called Mead of Transformation.

Mead of Poetry is an ecstatic state associated with Mead of Transformation, and the highest form of elixir, which only the brain can absorb. Very few people have learned to absorb the Mead of Poetry, even when this recipe was well-known, and therefore the giants took it. It was especially loved by the giant Suttungr. The first one among people, who learned how to produce and absorb this drink, became Odin, which is why he reached the divine state of presence on our Earth. So that others also could drink this Mead, including the Æsir, who were able to perceive it, but did not know how to make it, Odin stole the Mead of Poetry from Suttungr. Thus, Mead of Poetry became property of people. However, those, who could not absorb it, turned into Skalds. Therefore, the Skalds became the main production capacity for the Mead of Poetry production.



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