Knight. Language of Ritual

Date: 16/02/2020
Address: Moscow, Russia

Ritual teaches you to go, it does not show you the way.
Gleb Du

Ritual is always a sacrament that, on the one hand, attracts people, and on the other – becomes the subject of misunderstanding and even irritation. However, this is exactly the one necessary excitement-provoking beginning, which is important for those who aspire to sacrament and those who are being inside it. In fact, any sacrament appears as such either from ignorance, or from the inability to penetrate the essence of things, that is, from the ability or inability of consciousness to cognize.

Each ritual has its own language, and since it contains something irrational for man, which is, in fact, simply unknown, it imposes a certain veil, where the sacrament itself is ultimately limited to the word “sacrament”. Not paying attention to this, we limit our participation in the sacrament as well, simply hiding behind our affiliation to the Secret Society, turning it into some kind of a revolutionary state, and not evolutionary.


Language of Ritual

The Language of Ritual is a special form of interaction with space, a special condition for communicating with space. Each ritual is a unique system of self-organization of a person in relation to a higher level of being, whether it is knowledge, faith or certain norms of behavior.

This is a condition of the tuning, allowing one not just to express his own personality, but even more – to subordinate it to a certain discipline, where timeless norms exist, excluding and diverting one from his reactionary form of self-expression. The Language of Ritual is a certain load for our consciousness, necessary for endowing us with the capabilities of comparison.


The Portal is the entrance to something special or large-scale, enigmatic and mysterious – the space standing next to us and parallel to us. The Portal in the ritual is considered as a port, where – one must sail away from and, at the same time – should sail to. This is an arch – that must be entered, or a knot – that must be tied. It is, on the one hand – a beginning, and on the other – a depth.

The Portal is an important symbol for understanding the ritual, a metaphysical measure. This is a sense for the nature of the ritual, its rationality and its flesh. The service, vault, tablet, compass and try square, steps, nave, emanation of light, key and the rose represent the flesh of the ritual.

Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi is the correspondence between the form and the filling-up, the acceptance of the tactility of symbolism as a special form of metaphysical knowledge. Any creation is a certain geometric pattern. Anima Mundi is the first lodge of creation, its model and the path to the knowledge of cosmology. Anima Mundi presents creation as a source of life. On the other hand, according to Plato, it represents the ability to mathematically divide the categories of spirituality into intervals and proportions, which allows man to reproduce the elements of geometric figures from the position of spiritual substance.



Bruiden is the lodge of initiation. This is a labyrinth of certain property, representing the levels of Bruiden Da Derga, Bruiden Mac Da Reo, Bruiden Da Choca and Mac Da Tho, or is represented by the Geas, discipline, service, reliability and purity.

Bruiden is a special center of intersection of forces (dún, ráith, Irish Gaelic; dũnom, rátis, Scottish Gaelic; din, caer, Welsh). It represents the ideology of a hall, located in the center of the intersections. The hall itself (lodge), where the candidate is being initiated, is staggered and has seven closed gates.

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