Program: Egyptian Alchemy. The Formation of Human Consciousness

Date: 01/05/2020

Egyptian civilization is the first civilization that has formed, in essence, the concept of man – the most distinctive feature, determining his role on earth. The deviation from divine predestination in favor of the human principle is initially fixed in Ancient Egypt. After that, man starts to play the role of a resident of our planet, and not because of some higher (lower) reality or karmic predestination.


Egyptian Meditation

The Egyptian meditation is a form or format, predetermined in human existence by certain brain functions and associated with the basic effort of operating both verbal and non-verbal processes. The Egyptian meditation has several hidden meanings – from the concept of the body of Yusat, which packs consciousness, to the understanding of Satis consciousness, which defines the knowledge of the limit of the brain (the fourth limit) associated with the existence of human nature.

The Egyptian meditation is a way of forming effort in the brain, developing the format of observation, attention and attunement to the ability to concentrate or pack at the expense of one's own effort, and not due to heavenly penetration, when the brain becomes a means of cognition of Atum, and not just his representation.

  • Integral brain.  Lecture
  • Fourth limit meditation.  Practice

Alchemy of Satis

The Alchemy of Satis is a branch in Egyptian alchemy associated with the goddess Isis. This particular branch develops ‘the art of fluidity’. The Alchemy of Satis is ‘the knowledge of the five types of fluidity’.

The Alchemy of Satis is “life–bringing”, preserving the knowledge of how to create a human being. In fact, this branch of alchemy was the first to indicate that human nature is a certain form of fertility, or, in other words, it is a form of concentration characterizing the human nature. According to the Alchemy of Satis, man is not just the one who operates consciousness, but the one who carries out that process by using certain parts of his brain.

Satis is a certain form of threshold state, allowing man to both shape his human nature and communicate with heaven. Satis is the formula for both transmission of energy and the method of its acceptance, which is necessary for creating a more perfect form of life. This process is characterized by the concept of Ka (soul) – the substance that can replace our grosser nature or remain after we leave our body.

The knowledge and understanding about the goddess Satis gives man insight and vital power. Life itself from the perspective of the Alchemy of Satis is a service to the spirit in order to perfect your own natural spirit Ba. In the end, this should lead to the merging of the two souls into a single state Ah. This is a certain state, illuminating light and connecting life on Earth with Sirius, in order not to lose the way to Heaven and occupy one of the four vessels of the sky (or planets).

  • Contour of Satis. Practice

Alchemy of Horus

The Alchemy of Horus is a tuned reality, a directed process, according to the teachings of Thoth, destined by Heaven. This is a conditional, but the highest reality, which is also considered as ‘the Eye of Horus’ or ‘the immersion in the essence of things’. This is what has introduced into our lives such concepts as vision, mediumship, extrasensorship, i.e. all that can be reduced to a single designation ‘the third eye’.

  • Contour of Horus. Practice

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St. Petersburg, Vyborgskaya metro station, 45 Bolshoy Sampsonievsky prospekt,  “Svetliy Mir”

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Jie Kong

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