Program: Daoist Alchemy. Method

Date: 14/05/2020 — 17/05/2020
Address: Sofia, Bulgaria

The Method is a navigation in the world of development based on the art of gaining knowledge, the ability to learn and the effort of concentration necessary to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it. The Method does not allow formality or working without tasks – it sets before the practitioner the condition to work into the given direction and with the appropriate mental effort. The Method regulates directions in development and their measure.


Measure of Filling-up Practice

The Filling-up is an important aspect of the Method, explaining one of the fundamental principles of development. The human body, brain and energy are dependent on the process of filling-up, which is regulated in practice by five conditions: nutrition, respiration, energy circulation, movement and thinking. Each condition regulates its measure and forms our dependencies.The Knowledge of the Measure of Peace is a practical method in the art of studying the nature of filling-up in the knowledge of Daoist alchemy, represented by the art of studying the Daoist body.

Measure of  Harmonization

The Knowledge of the Art of Harmonization is an important task of the practical art. The method of achieving this art is represented by the Alchemy of Bagua Zhang.

Measure of  Proportion  Practice

The architecture of development is impossible without the Knowledge of the Measure of Proportion. Here, the ideal instrument is the practical method of studying movement – the Alchemy of Taiji Quan. This method allows one to study the geometry of the body.


Measure of Concentration

The Art of Studying Concentration. No development is worth anything, if it does not lead to the concentrated work of brain.



May 14th–15th 17:00–21:00
May 16th–17th 15:00–18:00

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Seminar is Led by:

Jie Kong


INBI Institute

47 Cherni Vrah Blvd., 5 floor, Sofia, Bulgaria

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Bulgaria: +359 892-21-58-21,


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