Program: African Alchemy

Date: 13/07/2020 — 22/07/2020
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

“The African Alchemy” is a program aimed at understanding one of the areas of  the Alchemical Art. It represents the macrocosmic knowledge of one of the highest forms of cognition available to human consciousness.



* On Sundays (July 19th) there are no classes!

Participation terms


Mama Africa

“The Mama Africa” Program is a penetration into the African culture, its mental features.

  • Body of rhythm
  • Kanga
  • Musical instruments

Circle of Initiation

The Circle of Initiation is a condition for entering the tradition, switching into the egregor. Moreover, this is important for understanding the African consciousness, distinguished by its highest form of awareness of our reality. The Initiation Circle is a way of interacting with terreiro, which is the space, allowing to establish communication with Axe, Orishas and be always hidden from prying eyes, as certain type of mental work. This is the most important condition for appealing to the space, presenting to it, which is important for spiritual purification and filling-up.

  • Axe
  • Purification rite

Ile Ife

This is a unique phenomenon, one can say a manifestation, associated with the African continent. There was a change in the macrocosmic axis when the ancient African kingdoms (including the great ancient Egyptian civilization) were replaced by a new center of effort. This center, regardless of subsequent changes in space, continues to fulfill its special function up to this day. An energy materialization took place under the name Odudawa, which introduced Olorun, one of the highest integrals of the sky. The place of manifestation of this energy was defined as the new axis of the Earth, called Ile Ife – the holy city, the center of Yoruba culture. This place also formed a new mentality of people, the highest of the existing on planet Earth and one of the most important operating systems.

  • Olorun
  • Obatala
  • Orunmila
  • Ori
  • Egun
  • Orisha
  • Odu

African Body

It happened so that the formation of man began at the behest of the cosmos, which endowed the first people with superconscious effort. It was certainly this ability of the first, so to speak, superhumans (who, according to different versions, came, formed, or were reborn from the Atlanteans) that human evolution began with.

When the Sky was able to create a resonance with the surface of the Earth, the processes of the formation of life began on it. At some places, they had rougher vibrational forms, and poorly organized beings were created there, at others – higher-frequency ones, and in this case highly organized beings were formed.

Animals belonged to the highly organized ones, representing the horizontal, i.e. dependent on the Earth objects, and man became a living vertically oriented organism. Consequently, he got the opportunity of transition into other worlds. Of particular interest here, of course, is the reaction of the cosmic energy to the energy of the Earth, from which vital energies flew off like sparks.

  • African body
  • African anatomy

Alchemy of  Africa

The knowledge of African Аlchemy is important to begin with the Аlchemy of Africa. The difference between these two designations is in their mentality. African Аlchemy is the most complex type of alchemy, where it is important to build an operating system for managing the higher sections of the brain. The Alchemy of Africa – for the Africans, this is the natural process of activation of those sections of the brain that mature only on the African continent and make them carriers of higher energies.

  • African yoga
  • African dances
  • Capoeira

African  Brain

The real body of an African is his brain, which predetermines not only his whole life, but also the structure of his entire body. It is very difficult to understand the African brain – it is mediumistic, irrational. Of course, only if its management goes through rhythm – this means that the African is in a mental co-tuning with his own brain.

The brain of an African is the esoteric section of the brain located outside the physical body, which predetermines the complexity of its understanding, since it is inaccessible to the carriers of brain with reduced frequency characteristics. Actually, this level is beyond the comprehension of the Africans themselves, since for a real conscious understanding – it is necessary to develop a super-powerful mental force that can operate with such a brain, and it takes a lot of work to do that.

  • Features and types of African brain
  • Operating system of African brain


General 1300
INBI World Members 1100
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