Meditations on the Twofold Teaching Program

Date: 21/02/2020 — 25/02/2020
Address: Moscow, Russia

“Meditations on the Twofold Teaching” is an art of obtaining and transferring knowledge based on the practice of making the inner space of a person interact with the outer space. This type of interaction should be present even when the knowledge we come across to is not understood or perceived completely. 

“Meditations on the Twofold Teaching” is a key principle of knowledge: it holds that it is of paramount importance to see the obvious within the secret and the secret within the obvious. The study in Zen practice always entails the presence of two realities –inner and outer – which are invariably intertwined (Jini Funi).

It is essential to foster such a way of thinking not only to those who follow the paths of Zen and warrior arts, but also to the people who are unable to root their minds into the obvious. Anything that is not understood must not hinder us, but to the contrary, it must stimulate us to strive to awaken our mind.



Required Items

Shakuhachi bamboo flute

Participation Terms

  • Applications are approved individually. Please submit yours through the website form. Upon receiving acceptance, you must confirm your participation within a week.
  • Registration ends February 10.
  • Subscription to the Telegram channel Alchemy is required for tuning-in.


Zen Meditation

Zen meditation trains a state of mind, known as “No-Mind”. At its core it is a mental effort that allows to subordinate our consciousness to a higher-level (super-conscious) control.


Kuji-in is a Japanese alchemical art, rooted in the Chinese Daoist tradition. Over time it evolved within the teaching of Shungendo (an amalgam of Buddhism, Daoism and Shinto doctrines). It was also practiced by the Yamabushi monks as well as by the famous Japanese spies – the ninja.



Tanden is the center of effort, the gathering spot of vital energy and internal breathing. It is an essential element of understanding what inner power is and a key alchemical notion related to opening of certain brain sectors which Japanese alchemy strives to unfold. Understanding Tanden requires conscious breathing – a prerequisite for energetic enlightenment capable of nurturing the Void.



Suizen is a Zen meditative practice of playing traditional Japanese shakuhachi bamboo flute. Suizen is a deep spiritual exercise that belongs to the tradition of alchemical Zen. It was open not only to monk-hermits but to all who aspired to develop the energetic breathing known as ikinuki.


Zen and Women

“Zen and women” is among the most complex koans to be reflected upon and at the same time – a theme of utmost simplicity if one understands the sounding of a woman in Zen and the presence of Zen in the female nature.



General 650
INBI Members 450
INBI Members, participants in each of the three  „Daoist Alchemy” February 1–14 Programs 350
  • Prices are quoted in EUR.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please  contact us for more information.


INBI World

13a Borby Sq., Bld. 1, Moscow, Russia

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