The Art of the Great Potion Program: Prosperity Formula

Date: 12/10/2019
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

The Formula of Prosperity entails the embodiment of a geometrical nourishing Mandala that opens the channels of enrichment. By ‘enrichment’ we do not mean the trivial ‘having something’; rather we refer to the conditions under which added value of certain type can be created.

The process of attraction and accumulation underlies the very nature of nutrition: we eat, and we get filled up. This is where the entire chemistry of why and how we strive for enrichment is secluded. Today this matter has long since outreached the mental and psychological spheres and has stuck in its physical implications. Men have submitted their consciousness to their stomach. In doing so they have hit the point of being completely unable to grasp the nature of this dependence. A spot has been reached where whatever desires people express, they all stem from the stomach; it is the ‘intestinal mind’ that forms predatory lust for consumption. Needless to stress, from the viewpoint of human nature, such attitude cannot be regarded as prosperity.

In the first place, true enrichment is an internal resource; it involves strengthening the mental potential and, as a consequence, an increased ability for external planning. This forms the knack of reception and redistribution. In terms of physics every element of opulence is a kind of wave that possesses its own rules that one needs to set oneself up to, even if acting from the primitive ‘I want’ perspective.

Interestingly, the attainments of external alchemy can create a mental and physical tuning-up that allows us to perceive the flows of wealth. This is perception of the physics of enrichment. To achieve this delicate awareness emerald, diamond and snow lotus extracts will be used. These substances can form what is called Dhana Acarshana Yantra.

The process has its energetic, spatial and temporary specifics and reveals the energetic influences that govern the emotional sphere of the human mind. The energy flows transferring the ‘wealth files’ are being activated and thus the idea of money can be grasped on the level of physical waves that possess both temporary and timeless parameters. This knowledge is hidden within the Shangdi Ritual.

The formula of enrichment is not merely intake of external alchemical potion, it involves specific mental conditioning. This program has little to do with speculation about the ways to get rich, it merely demonstrates the energetic and mental mechanics of enrichment and accumulation of both material and energetic goods.

For enhancing structural processes emerald essence is used. It helps build a quality channeling and removes the undesirable mental perceptions simultaneously nourishing the bone marrow. The Snow Lotus essence strengthens the brain and augments its capability to resonate with the tasks of the program. The diamond crystal essence is utilized to attract energy.


  • Shangdi Ritual (practical lecture)
  • Emerald crystal essence reception (practice)
  • Snow lotus energetic essence reception (practice)
  • Diamond crystal essence reception (practice)



Participation Terms

  • For the crystal essences to be effective the participants should limit the intake of solid food six hours prior to the event. However, any high-quality drinks such as water, tea and coffee (without added sugar, milk or salt) are acceptable.
  • Subscription for the Тelegram NutriQ Life channel is recommended.



Registration by 10 October

Registration after 11 October




INBI Members



  • The prices are quoted in Russian RUB.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.
  • Registration following 11 October is possible only if spots are available.


Center for Integral Development – 16 Derzhavina Str., Vladivostok, Russia


Please contact us for more information.


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