The Perfect One. Integral Tantra Program

Date: 16/04/2020 — 19/04/2020
Address: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

A thing does not cease to be true because it is not accepted by many.

The Integral Tantra program is transmitting knowledge about tantric philosophy and practices adapted for the modern settings and state of mind. During the program, we will concentrate on the tactile perception of what tantra is through working with the nature of experiences and feelings.

Women's essence embody awareness of the senses. Initially, every woman is a tantrica in her core. But often she doesn't have real knowledge how to cultivate this quality. This is a path of development that is beautiful in its difficulty and unique in its rarity.

The Integral Tantra program is an unique event, both in content, place and experience, as well as the teacher, who followed the Tantric principles for at least twenty years.


16—17 April 18:00–21:30
18—19 April 15:00–21:00

Participation Terms

  • The program is intended for women only.
  • A subscription for The Perfect One Telegram Channel is required so that participants can tune-up for the program.
  • Partial attendance is not permitted.
  • All nutrition during the practices is high-vibration and will be provided on the spot. Some dietary restrictions are highly recommended. Please enquire.


The Language of Practice

Every spiritual practice has its own codes, describing particular knowledge and concepts. The codes of practice are the keys to comprehend the art of learning. It lights up the path when we walk in the darkness of the unknown. Nowadays, people are mostly disoriented due to the endless amount of information and the lack of skill in the art of learning. Ability to grasp the codes of practice is like to light to the mind.

  • The Light of Mind (Lecture)

Tulip Meditation (Practice)

Meditation is the ability of the mind to enter the sacred space. In integral tantra, a meditation is a tactile perception the sacredness of human nature.

Tulip Meditation is specifically tailored meditation for the purposes of this program. It is designed to create experience of balanced functioning of all the brain sectors together. Tulip Meditation helps us grasp a natural form of Tantra related to the fundamental principle of breathing.


Sacred Anatomy

Sacred anatomy is knowledge about the body as an object made of light. The source of this luminosity is formed physically in the bone marrow.

Within the scope of this program sacred anatomy is explained through the prism of specific brain capabilities that can be termed "tantric". The main role in this process belong to the occipital part of the brain along with the five internal organs.

  • Sacred anatomy of five organs. Practice
  • Occipital lobe of the brain. Lecture. Practice

The Heart of the Absolute Truth

Developing ability of the heart to perceive absolute truth is one of the important stages on the path of human development. Its marked as the achievement to master an unconditional understanding of reality around and within us.

The Heart of the Absolute Truth is a state of paramount content and harmony with life, which does not hinder or block our spiritual progress, but supports and nourishes it.
This is not so much a mental grasping but rather a perception of a process related to the spiritual function of the heart and its ability to evolve and perceive void.
The Heart of the Absolute Truth expresses feelings of higher nature: those that are not susceptible to destruction. It is timeless in the sense that it is devoid of temporal emotional component or mundane sensuality.


The Integral Nature of the Feelings (Practical Lecture)

The integral nature of the feelings is a flower that is constantly in transformation.
Each woman is such flower, living in the world of reason and sensations, where she gives preference to the sensual nature.
The integral nature of the feelings explaind through twelve senses that nourishes woman's nature.


The Integral Nature of Love

The integral nature of love embraces the multifaceted nature of human experiences. This is not mere psychological and physical concept; rather it is a tuning-up tool to the different levels of feelings that can be labelled as "love".
The most valuable among those feelings is the love of truth. The more we love truth, the more we comprehend, which means that we master ourselves. Love of truth helps us not to lose our minds being in the ocean of passion.
Understanding love from the perspective of the different integral fields is the potential to evolve on the path of cognition and not to slip into temporal affective states.


Understanding Ecstatic Experience

The ecstatic experiences is what we all crave for. This is a source to expand our energy and enhance vitality. It is a form of nourishing with senses and represent a basic stage in our development. Tantric ecstatic experience is an transformative practice for the body, mind and energy.

  • Tantric Ecstatic Experience (Practice)

Tantric Ritual (Practice)

The teaching of integral tantra reveals the whole spectrum of the higher-level experience accessible to the human. Whatever the level of practice we choose, we need to see the complete picture of development.
Tantric ritual allows us to understand which frequency (or integral energy field) is activated.


The Sacred Nature of Dance

Dance is sacred to the human nature. Only when we perceive the principles of the dance we can decipher the knowledge contained in the form called 'dance'. Tantric dance represents tantric anatomy of light.

  • Tantric Dance (Practice)

Aroma Nutrition

Nutrition with aroma is the tantra of Aroma. It is focused interaction with essential oils, which nourish quickly and fully our brain and influence all body cells. During the program we will explore different integral aroma's and its effects on our nature.

  • Tantric aromas (Practice)

Nutrition with the Crystal Essences

The Nutrition of the Future is a nourishment of the higher energetic processes within the human body. It is based on consumption of products that are not susceptible to the temporal nature. The main objective of high-vibrational nutrition is elimination of the dependence on products that decay, that tune the physical and bio-chemical processes to destruction and provide short-lived energy to our body. All the energy from lower-vibrational nutrition can be considered 'energy of dying' that possesses a high mortality coefficient. The Nutrition of the Future is the art of nourishment through high-energy crystal essences that nourish the finer aspects of our nature.

  • Nourishing the stem cells (Practice)


  Registration by 25 December Registration after 26 December
General 600 750
Perfect One Project Participants 450 600
  • Prices are quoted in EUR.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.
  • Please submit your application through the website form.

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