Program: The Perfect One. Orphic Mysteries

Date: 23/05/2020 — 31/05/2020
Address: Moscow, Russia

Orphism or Orphic alchemy is a doctrine of sound, a doctrine explaining the nature of rhythm, where the sound itself is a materialization of the most invisible and the most penetrating, by which rhythm lives. Orphism is a metaphysical doctrine of sound. This is the art of experiencing sound, the art of moving and controlling vibrations.



Orphic  Mysteries

Orphic Mysteries are the process of formation of the Orphic space. The Orphic Mysteries form the space of Orpheus or the space of the Aeolians, a space consisting of twelve tortoise shells, two bull horns and vein strings. Where the foundation of sound lives, the support of music – where sound, movement and rhythm are interwoven.

  • Space of Orpheus. Practice
  • Foundation of music. Practice
  • Rhythm. Practice

Consciousness of Sound

Consciousness of Sound is the consciousness of Orpheus, expressed in hymns as a manifestation of Orpheus’s thinking. Consciousness of Sound is the Orphic thinking, the thinking through sound, which allows the realization of consciousness at all possible levels. This is a kind of cult thinking, or the mystery of the mind, based on tuning to the higher capabilities of the brain, which personifies the brain with categories of higher spheres. Orpheus’s consciousness is similar to the nature of breathing – it is diaphragmatic, which allows him to think in sounds.

  • Language of Orpheus. Practice
  • Orphic hymns. Practice

Anger of Achilles

Achilles is an alchemical Greek warrior who was able to change the nature of space. However, he was faced with the inability to control it completely, and his anger, described in the Iliad, was aimed at the inability to complete great things. He himself represents the struggle for a perfect space, which among the Greeks was associated with the Mycenaean culture.

Of course, within the form which the Iliad came to us in, the harmony created by the hexameter and the structure of the letter are of particular interest. And the event itself, however, which is associated with the struggle for a perfect space (or Troy, which was inhabited by the Tjeker, the city dwellers), is determined by the inability to recognize the nine-level vertical of Troy’s space, which is the reason for the Anger of Achilles.

This spatial literary work preserved a monolithic sound structure, which in subsequent interpretations and improvisations was covered with linear explanations. In reality, this is a description of the twelve-level space associated with the light of Apollo set forth in twenty-four songs. This structure was represented by various women, starting with Chryseis and ending with Aphrodite. Darkness took its toll, and in this context, perhaps, Hera was the personification of it.

But the most important, of course, in all this non-linear message is the Achilles spell, which has the miraculous power of leveling the space.


Measure of Music

Measure of Music is a logogram, characterizing the spatial effort based on the sound content (d, t), the breath of sound (five principles - a, e, I, o, u) and the rise of sound (pitch and sonority). Measure of Music is a conditional temporal distance, a certain effort. It is the act of breathing regulated by harmony.

  • Singing. Practice

Architecture of Music

We can talk a lot about the essence of musical architecture, but its real significance lies in the fact that it organizes the tasks of music, and not just follows them, that is, it proceeds from the architecture embedded in it, where there are more or less important conditions for the implementation of not only the form, but also the content. Architecture of Music – this is a combination of measures.

  • Hexameter. Practice
  • Prosody. Practice
  • Harmonic series. Practice
  • Voice. Practice


Orphic Thinking

Sound must have a carrier, attire is important to it; sound must be escorted and met, be allowed to express its luminosity. Orphic thinking is the cognition of sound like the Philosopher's stone, the march along the rhythms of formative sounding sources of harmony. This is the process of overcoming formlessness, the cognition of modality expressed by the twelve phases of spatial sound or the music of the cosmos, where the foundation of sound is in the thoughts-creating sound. The source of sound is the one that carries thought. Sound is the form of thought, due to which the first pronouncing culture, Mycenaean, existed and developed – where sound was seen as an evolution of consciousness.

  • Consciousness of Orpheus. Practice
  • Wine of Orpheus. Practice
  • Ecstasy. Practice

Absorption in Darkness

Absorption in Darkness is a sacrament associated with two metaphysical images, Hecate and Eurydice. It represents one of the most important knowledge of Orphic alchemy and is associated with the nature of harmony, or rather, with the fact that it draws in harmony, plunging it into darkness.

  • Sacrament of Hekate. Lecture
  • Absorption of Eurydice. Lecture



MNFR – a creative force, the knowledge of which Orpheus received from the god of Egypt, Memphis. It is an essential element of cognition of the art of developing and assimilating inspiration.

  • МNFR. Practice



Muses are the secret knowledge of Orphism, the embodiment of the gift of experience associated with creation, a gift to the creator. Muses are living in the perfection of the act of creation. Muses are art, they are able to support and develop consciousness, to be tuned-in to the highest. At the same time, Muses are also symbols of the principles of the existence of divine mysteries, representing the form of three-dimensionality, due to which the so called bright moments, inspiration, and insight happen.

  • Muses. Practice


Participation terms

  • Program for Muses and Orpheuses.
  • Coordination of participation is required. For approval, send us a request from the site.
  • Subscription to the Telegram  Alchemy channel is required for tuning-in to the program.
  • In case of early registration, the price includes an orphic symbol. In the comments to the application, please indicate your size according to the standard international grid.


May 23rd–24th 15:00–20:00
May 25th–29th 15:30–20:30
May 30th–31st 15:00–20:00



Early registration before March 1st, 2020

Late registration from March 2nd, 2020




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