Rejuvenation Program: Ray of Light

Date: 24/06/2020 — 30/06/2020
Address: Primorsky Krai, Russia

An Exclusive Seminar for Women in the Powerful Energetic Location of Primorsky Krai, Russia.

“Rejuvenation” is a program aimed at the filling-up and restoration of the physiological and energy processes in the body. This is an author’s program based on the knowledge of the Tibetan, Daoist medicine and alchemy, with the help of which maximum renewal of all body systems will be acquired during the program. As a result, participants reach the process of experiencing the renewal, which proves the physical perception of body rejuvenation.

“Rejuvenation” is a process where we go through physical, emotional–sensual (here we also add the aesthetic, which is very important from the point of view of ecstaticy), intellectual and spiritual experience due to the process of purification and restoration. The program “Rejuvenation” gives additional spiritual power, as a result of the generation of energy necessary for regeneration. “Rejuvenation” is a program for women, not associated with cosmetic procedures, but with the possibilities of the Integral medicine.

Participation Terms

  • Application approval is required. We kindly ask you to submit your applications through the website form.
  • The seminar is open to people older than 21 years of age.
  • Participation is not recommended for people taking medications on a regular basis.
  • Following some dietary guidelines is highly recommended.


Check-in June 24th at 16:00
Check-out June 30th at 12:00


Big Pumpkin Tower

“The Big Pumpkin Tower” is a concept of the space where the Rejuvenation process takes place. It is a prerequisite for the implementation of a quality process that contributes to the objectives of the program.

Secrets of Rejuvenation

“The Secrets of Rejuvenation” are based on the knowledge of the Integral medicine that allows one to adjust the regenerative processes in the body, aimed at maintaining or altering of various accumulative processes and resonating with the bone marrow.


Integral Regeneration of Body

“The Integral Regeneration” is a means of changing the tension used in the Rejuvenation Program. This is a set of actions and measures that creates the conditions of regeneration and rejuvenation of the body. “The Integral Regeneration” is the ability to tune the body and consciousness to the activation of high-vibrational processes that change the nature of our body, taking it beyond the limits of time constraints. This process refers to the Integral Alchemy and is characterized by the compilation of the scheme used in the program.


Rejuvenation – an Ecstatic Factor

The process of rejuvenation is an ecstatic factor, as it carries the laws of internal sensation caused by the change of tension. A process that can be called “Rejuvenation Tantra”. During the program, participants go through physical, emotional–sensual, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual experiences.


Rejuvenation Tonics

“The Rejuvenation Tonics” are program forms designed to replace the gross forms of existence of various systems and organs in the body. “The Rejuvenation Tonics” are formulas that will be achieved by the participants in the process. These formulas are based on the methodological scheme of the process and aimed at the rapid restoration of the human energy potential and its enhancement through the nature of the ‘five bodies’.


Rejuvenation Harmonica

“The Rejuvenation Harmonica” is the most internally experienced part of the Rejuvenation Yoga associated with music and movement. It is the elaboration of inner proportion, the formation of a certain wholeness. From the standpoint of rejuvenation tasks, the Harmonica teaches to experience the tactility of movement, which is its irreplaceable value and feature. To harmonize efforts – means to be able to experience them. It is also an escape from the fragmentary properties of the body, creating uncontrollable dependencies in our brain. For example, depression or emotions, affecting facial expressions or the work of internal organs.


Art of Obtaining Velvet Body

“The Art of Obtaining a Velvet Body” is a concept that defines the practical tasks and ways associated with the renewal of our organism, giving it lightness or a state of timelessness. Participants gain a different perception of their organism, a body called ‘Velvet’, which allows them to reach a state of concentration that supports cells of higher functions, activating the rejuvenation process.

The goal of Rejuvenation Yoga is to achieve the ability to identify these conditions, thanks to a special therapy for working with the face, skin, internal organs, uterus, etc.


Rejuvenation Elixir

“The Rejuvenation Elixir”, or the ‘rejuvenation potion’, is the most important form that can activate, maintain and restore cells. With a proper intake of the elixir, one can get amazing results. Elixirs are able to rejuvenate and prolong life. “The Rejuvenation Potion” is, first and foremost, a regulator that helps to adjust the processes of restoring and changing the tonus of our body.




Registration before February 1st, 2020

Registration from February 2nd, 2020




  • Prices are quoted in EUR.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.

Not included in the price:
  • flights;
  • accommodation;
  • 100 euros for special meals.


Primorsky Krai, HC “Warm Sea”.

Accommodation is determined by the objectives of the event, accommodation elsewhere is excluded.

Separate cottages with sea views are reserved for the accommodation of participants. This is a spacious 2-storey house with 4 bedrooms on the second floor. Each bedroom has a private bathroom. At the ground floor there are: cozy living room, dining room, kitchen with all necessary appliances and utensils. Each cottage has its own seating area under the canopy.

Accommodation fees

Type of accommodation

6 nights per person

double room


single room


Additional information

Features, sights, myths and legends associated with the venue.

The tourist program is not included in the program of the event. Excursion trips are excluded during the program. If you need help organizing excursions before the start of the program, please contact in advance.

The Seminar is Led by:

Jie Kong


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