The Governor of Yang Vessel Program

Date: 13/10/2019 — 15/10/2019
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

The Governor of Yang vessels is what packs and controls Yang energy. It is simultaneously a condition and a practical application related to the refinement of Yang energy. If not under control, whatever the positive features this type of energy might have, it could seriously hinder the alchemical Making.

The Governor of Yang vessels is a practical act of controlling the uncontrolled energy. This program is designed for those who practice alchemical arts as well as for people with very strong proactive energy.


Yang Vessels Capacity

The capacity of the Yang vessels can be regulated and fine-tuned through connecting the eight vessels. These are important for the alchemical work and play a key role in the regulation of the internal processes of the human organism. However, as a rule, they are not active.

The Governor of the Brain

The Governor of the brain controls the functioning of the natural operational systems of the human brain. Not only does it determine the reasoning and thinking capacity but organizes the internal processes as well. Physically it is located within the so-called “Brain Womb” (also known as the “Jade Cavern”), which is situated between the temple sectors and the cerebellum. Its fine-tuning is crucial for the normal functioning of brain and body alike. If the Governor works well, it can easily supervise
the entire physical structure. For those who practice alchemy this is an important stage of development that precedes the phases of attention and concentration and hence – the formation of Niwan-Gong center.


Yang Breathing

The Yang Breathing is related to the Governor of the “Brain Womb” that develops the volume of energy within our bodies. This type of breathing opens the “Brain Womb” to form Yin type breathing.


Lotus Pond

The Lotus Pond is a place where the Upper cinnabar field is formed. This field is tied with the “Jade Cavern” as well as with the Governor of the Brain where the ‘base’ of this most important organ is located. Once open, this center purifies the entire brain. The process can be symbolically presented as seven ships sailing across the Lotus Lake and bringing the governor vessels full of ingredients for a conception. Thus, they become sources of transformation for all other channels and vessels



October 13 10:00–13:30
October 14–15 18:00–21:00




INBI World Members


Participants of the Perfect One: Tamarisk and Beyond Limitations Programs


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Center for Integral Development
16 Derzhavina Str., Vladivostok, Russia


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