The Perfect One Program: Tamarisk

Date: 03/10/2019 — 12/10/2019
Address: Vladivostok, Russia

What would be more desirable to a woman on her way to self-perfection than the attainment of inner peace? In our age the nature has altered the rhythm of life and influenced our capabilities in a number of undesirable ways. Yet this provides unique chances to learn things that were kept in secrecy by those who pursued the path of personal development in times gone by. The Perfect One is a one-of-a-kind program that implements practically the teaching of Integral alchemy.

Tamarisk is a program within the Perfect One Project. It is symbolized by the sacred plant Tamarisk (Tamarix). The cult and the uses of this herb can be associated with the Egyptian alchemy but equally with the Daoist ‘Art of the Celestial Infiltration’, known also as the ‘Art of the Celestial Designs’.


October 3 18:00–21:00
October 4–12 17:00–21:00

Terms of Participation

  • This program is designed for women.
  • Attending separate sections is not permitted.
  • The program is intended for women; male candidates will not be considered.
  • All nutrition will be provided within the program. Consumption of food with a lower vibrational level is to be discontinued during the seminar.
  • Some dietary restrictions are highly recommended. Please enquire.
  • The registration entails: application submitted through the website form; individual approval.



October 3 

The Way of the Perfect One: Introduction to the Perfect One Project

introductory lecture

Tamarisk Meditation


Tamarisk meditation is an art of focus, explored through meditation. The purpose of this practice is the development of directed vision. It builds a specific kind of concentration needed to master the ‘Art of Infiltration’. Tamarisk meditation can also be termed an art of nurturing through contemplation that is comparable to nurturing with Heavenly Manna. This practice can be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt and the cult of the goddess Satis.

October 4–12

The Ritual of Trisecration

According to some Ancient doctrines the ‘Trisecration’ was a purification formula, without which no human could attain the knowledge of the gods. In essence, this ritual is designed to protect the adept from powers that lead him/her astray from the chosen path of evolution. Therefore, Trisecration can also be considered a formula that preserves consistency along the way to enlightenment. Moreover, it is a method of non-verbal communication with the world, related to the Mesopotamian deity Ea-Marduk. The introduction into this ritual can be equaled to an initiation in mysteries, that is – in a complex of secreted doctrines – related to a given integral field.



Egyptian Alchemy

Being a science about the Universe we live in, the Egyptian alchemy is entwined with the very existence of the Egyptian civilization. It explores the nature of light within the laws of a tri-dimensional space. Having the ability to transform represents the laws of Atum (understanding the universe as a form of tension). This is what bestowed specific living conditions in which life is views through the prism of the Great Making that can be equated to the cultivation of chaos. The Egyptian alchemy is a peculiar scale, that encompasses the “conditions” of the gods Anubis, Isida, Osiris etc.


Hermetic Alchemy

ThePerfectOne Project is founded upon an evolutionary matrix that encompasses twelve integral fields. Understanding the laws of the tenth integral field (Hermetic alchemy deals precisely with that field) enables one to grasp the structuring of macrocosm and its highest principles. One can also term these doctrines Greek alchemy as they deal with transposition of numbers into form.


Orphic Alchemy

Orpheus, the great Thracian bard became the creator of one of the most mystics forms of alchemy, based on sound. It is a kind of sound that is impervious to the laws of temporality and is being governed by the Muses who impersonate the nature of the Orphic body. The Orphic body or ‘the sounding body’ is the paramount sound-related cognitive principle in which our consciousness dwells. This esoteric doctrine is rooted in the heavenly laws that influence the very creation of the man.


Tamarisk Dance


The Tamarisk dance is a mode of delving into the mysteries of nature through motion. This dance enables one to experience the energies of the Egyptian gods. And is a special form of female integral development, based upon the anatomy of motion. The art of the dance is one of the important tools for familiarization with one’s body and hence – a key condition for integral development.


The Way of the Oracle

The Way of the Oracle (which is another reference for the ‘Celestial Infiltration’) is perhaps the most intriguing topic for women, fascinated by esoteric studies. Yet this is an absolutely tangible doctrine and its effects can be experienced physically. The latter can be realized through cubic thinking and through exploration of the anatomy of symbols.


Integral Vision

The integral vision is a specific form of experience, based on the brain’s ability to grasp and manage several operations at a time. This specific type of mind functioning can be defined as ‘Tantric brain’. This mode can be characterized by a specific mental tension that resonates with the happenings rather that defines them. It is also the ability to consciously control several efforts at a time, related with the physical body, its structure and energy circulation. Thus, the integral vision is a parallel vision that enables us to grasp the world around but also to experience the nature of the Tantric brain.


Tamarisk Tantra

Tamarisk Tantra is the study of the ecstatic nature of our mind. This inquiry is crucial for the building of an integral alchemical body.


Magnetism and Conductivity: The Shan Di Ritual

Women and money. The Shan Di ritual teaches us to interact with the energy of money. Money is a specific gauge, that defines the condition of man on all levels: from the tactile to emotional and psychological. Money can be a measurable instrument on condition that we view it energetically, not emotionally.


Alchemical Nutrition

The art of alchemical nutrition entails the exploration of the internal and external elixirs. Throughout the program this theme will be approached through interaction with the power of the crystals. The magic of Jade, in particular, is essential to understand the process of crystallization itself – a process that can support human evolution within the third integral field.



General 1500
INBI World members 1200
  • Prices are quoted in EUR.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.


Center for Integral Development
16 Derzhavina Str., Vladivostok, Russia



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