Daoist Ritual

Date: 30/09/2019 — 02/10/2019
Address: Khabarovsk, Russia

The Daoist ritual is a unique blend of philosophy, metaphysics and alchemy, created to enhance the study of Daoist teachings on the one hand and on the other – to be a means of worshipping the Way. Another aspect is the discipline-standard based upon regular refinement of adept’s mindset that immerses him into the doctrine of the Way, both in terms of philosophy and inurement. The ritual itself does resemble a practice like the Qigong, especially if the non-definitive attributes are taken out. The principal objectives of the Daoist ritual are related to the control of the processes of macrocosmic transformation and to the training of one’s mind to live by the values of the Daoist Way.


  • The Ritual of the Daoist School of the Spiritual Gem (Lingbao)


September 30, October 1 14:00–14:45
October 2 11:00–11:45


General 150
INBI World Members 120

Price for all Daoist seminars in Khabarovsk (Septermber 30 to October 2)

General 450
INBI World Members 350
  • Prices are quoted in EUR.
  • Please note that a prepayment is needed to guarantee registration.
  • Some prerequisites exist for attending this event. Please contact us for more information.
  • The spots are limited by the conditions of the location. Please register early!




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