Inti Ritual Program

Date: 03/01/2020 — 09/01/2020
Address: Cusco, Machu Picchu, Peru

The end of the Virakocha era – time of men who achieved god-like status – was marked by an attainment of extraordinary significance: some people developed abilities to reach immortal existence, unbounded by the realm of earthly time. Those who made it were called Incas and the process they went through became known as Inti.

The Inti Ritual is a multilevel notion that reflects the idea of a virtual Sun as well as of solar energy. The reliance on Inti formed a class of perfect people widely known as Incas. The Inti Program is an alchemical tour that will explore precisely the art of nourishing with solar essence.

Participation Terms

  • Subscription for the Shaman Telegram Channel for communication and tune-up for the program.
  • Mandatory acquaintance with the description of the ceremony.
  • Individual approval. Each application is approved individually. Please submit your applications only through Ben Chelero’s personal website.
  • The registration ends upon full subscription.
  • Dietary guidelines. Some nutritional restrictions are required for the ceremony. The dietary preparation is analogous to the one for Ayahuasca ceremony. Please contact us for more information.
  • Dress code. Each participant will be provided with a garment that is to be worn on the ceremony.

Please note that this is not a typical tourist travel! In view of the program specifics, some unplanned changes are possible.


The Gate of Inti

The Gate of Inti, also the Gate of the Sun is a symbolic, religious and psycho-physiological notion, related to the interaction with solar energy. It is a key term that allows one to grasp another essential notion: Quenco – the ‘transformer’ of solar energy not only within the universe but within the human body as well.

Time Capsule

All spaces established by Incas should be viewed through the idea of the temple of the Sun. This temple is, once again, a multi-level notion: it can signify a piece of land, an island, like the Island of the Sun, a mountain or even a man-made construction. It deserves note too, that the entire territory of the Inca empire (Tawantinsuyu) was likewise considered temple of the Sun (Intikancha). It is one large solar area where spots with most solar effect are concentrated. These are also known as places of Inti.


Vinicunca, the Rainbow Mountain

All the regions of Incas’ sacral territory were intertwined through Seka (energetic rays) that connected the space with the Totem of the mountains where the force, the spirit of Apus belongs. These rays likewise connect the earthly realm with the Kipu constellations. The most prominent among these locations is the Vinicunca mountain associated with the Cuichu constellation or the Rainbow.


The Cult of Immortality

First and foremost, the Inti Ritual represents the cult of immortality. Within the space of Incas there was no death at all, at least in the sense in which we grasp the idea today. Those who terminated their physical existence were mummified and their bodies were full of energy of Inti and so continued to express the nature of the immortal spirit. It made the living worship these ‘deceased’ even more devotedly than when they were alive and resulted in the creation of a perfect system of ancestral worshipping. The process of mummification itself was also related to the notion of Kipu or ‘packaging’ of energy. The technology of this process was preserved in the Wari culture. This culture preceded Incas and to these people, even more than to Incas, there existed no brink between life and death. Because of the use of Inti, their bodies were stronger and more vivid post mortem than during their lives.



The crucial aspect of the interaction with Inti (which is not, let us remind again, mere solar energy) was the location capable of transforming the energy. This is a generator of sorts, a station and a symbol of the complete liberation at the same time. It is more of a cosmic object than an earthly one. Being subordinate to the Heavenly design, it is the key factor of the Inti ceremony.


Solar Nutrition

Solar nutrition or nutrition through Inti is another principal part of the Inti Ritual. It will take place at Machu Picchu, which is a prerequisite for the successful completion of the rite.




Fee includes:

  • Double room at 3* hotels;
  • Transport;
  • Tourist tickets and guides.

Fee excludes:

  • Airfares to/from the location of the program

Please note that:

  • meals is not included in the price;
  • each participant is individually responsible for travel insurance and vaccinations.

Registration Procedure

  • Candidates younger than 21 will not be considered for participation.
  • By submitting their application, candidates acknowledge that they are acquainted with, understand and fully agree with all program terms and requirements.
  • Please note that a prepayment is required to confirm registration.


Ben Chelero, Mauro Pachak


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